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09 / 19 / 17
feral pig grazing

Common Damages Feral Pigs Cause

Living in Hawaii is something many people dream of doing. Hawaiian residents get to enjoy the brilliant blues of the ocean, white sand beaches, and stunning tropical flowers on a daily basis. For many that live here the picturesque landscape of mountain and ocean, the many recreational activities available to us, and the lively culture that surrounds us are all considered perks. Overall, there is nothing quite like living the island life.

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04 / 08 / 14
why choose feral pigs control by sandwich isle pest solutions

Why Choose Feral Pig Removal From Sandwich Isle?

Feral pigs in Honolulu don’t make good neighbors. They make even worse tenants, especially if they’re digging up your back lawn. The only way to keep these pests off your property once they’ve arrived is by enlisting the pros at Sandwich Isle Pest Control. Since feral pigs have no natural predators, they will continue to overrun their environment if not addressed. As soon as a feral pigs becomes a problem for you, call Sandwich Isle for feral pig removal!

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12 / 16 / 13
Feral Pig Hawaii

Hawaii Feral Pig Control Services From Sandwich Isle Pest Solutions

Are you having problems with feral pigs? These pests can inflict severe damage to the native ecosystems of Hawaii; feral pigs in Hawaii will consume ground-cover plants, spreading weeds and creating mosquito breeding areas with their rooting and wallowing in wet forests. To get rid of feral pigs, professional assistance must be sought, as these pests can be challenging to control.

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