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06 / 25 / 13
Summer Pest Prevention Tips In Honolulu

Summer Pests In Honolulu And Hawaii

Ah, it’s that time of year again- when the tourists invade! Actually, here in Hawaii we love our visitors; they come in droves every year, especially in August and they help our travel industry survive. They also remind us of how beautiful the state that we live in is and that we should stop for a moment to appreciate the beauty of nature that surrounds us. Other summer visitors that we appreciate far less in Hawaii are ants and other summer invaders.  Now, these are true pests! They enter our homes uninvited while they search for food and they can be a real nuisance, especially when they invade in large numbers or start contaminating our food.  Pests that are a problem in our Hawaii homes this time of year include ants, cockroaches, centipedes and spiders.  What can be done to control these pests? Read on for a few pest control tips from the Honolulu exterminators at Sandwich Isle. 

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03 / 12 / 13
Bundled Pest Control In Honolulu

Bundle Your Pest Control Services In Honolulu

At Sandwich Isle Pest Solutions we are here to make sure that you receive the very best in Honolulu pest control. We understand just how threatening pests are to your home which is why we now offer our home pest protection plus termite control as a bundled service - the Premier Pest Protection program. We will create a pest barrier around the home so that you are protected year round from the threat of common household pests and even wood destroying termites.

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07 / 12 / 12
close up of a flea found on oahu

Oahu Pest Control Pros On Preventing Flea Bites

Fleas can be a major pest problem for homeowners on Oahu and throughout Hawaii. And whether you own cats and dogs or not, fleas can find their way into your home. These tiny, biting insects who multiply rapidly are known to leave people and pets feeling miserable with bites. Thankfully, there are ways in which homeowners can prevent and control fleas from taking over.

Tags: Hawaii pest control  |  pest control tips  |  flea control  |  flea prevention

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05 / 30 / 12
Coming Soon

Tips for Eradicating Rodents at Home

In the May 27th, 2012 edition of Hawaii Renovation, Sandwich Isle Pest Solutions contributed some helpful advice on how to get rid of rodents in your home.

Tags: Hawaii pest control  |  rodent control hawaii  |  oahu exterminators  |  mice and rats in commercial facilities  |  get rid of rats hi

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