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05 / 09 / 12
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Sandwich Isle's Michael Botha Participates In The 2012 Bed Bug Forum

Michael Botha, President of Sandwich Isle Pest Solutions recently participated in the 2012, National Pest Management Association's Bed Bug Forum.

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04 / 16 / 12
hawaii mosquito control services

3 Mosquito Control Musts for Hawaii

If you plan on spending some quality time outside enjoying our beautiful Hawaii weather, you will want to remember to protect yourself from mosquitoes. It is that time of the year again when the mosquitoes begin to breed and rapidly multiply. A fun afternoon cooking out can turn into a feast for mosquitoes, leaving family and friends with  itchy mosquito bites.

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03 / 08 / 12
Learn More About Ants In Hawaii

Ants In Hawaii

If you have ever seen a line of ants marching along the pavement, in the dirt, or possibly even in your home, you may wonder what type of ant it is. There are actually many different species of ants in Hawaii, and while some are simply a nuisance pest, there are types of ants that pose more of a threat to property and others that are known to sting or bite.

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01 / 17 / 12
Victoria Fickle, Entomologist with Sandwich Isle Pest Solutions that helps solve over 1,000 bed bug problems a year

Expert weighs in on bed bug detection & treatment

Published: 1/13/12 5:27 pm

Updated: 1/13/12 7:50 pm


Victoria Fickle came to Hawaii 5 years ago, first hired by the state Health Department to help with our bed bug problem. Now, she's taking on over 1,000 cases a year with Sandwich Isle Pest Solutions.

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