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10 / 25 / 11
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Bed bugs surface at UH-Manoa dorms and Campus Center

Reported by: Ron Mizutani 

Updated: 9/28/2010 6:12 pm

Bed bugs continue to rear their ugly heads surfacing in hospitals, hotels, theatres and college campuses.

Students at the University of Hawaii say the human-feeding pests have found their way to Manoa.


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10 / 21 / 11
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State officials say vinegar fly is becoming more noticeable

Reported by: Andrew Pereira

Updated: 6/29/2010 8:04 pm

Officials at the Hawaii Department of Agriculture say a common pest is becoming more noticeable.

Even though the vinegar fly has been in Hawaii for more than a hundred years, people have been calling the Department of Agriculture to find out what they are.


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10 / 19 / 11
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Loss of Big Island coffee could yield higher prices

Reported by: Andrew Pereira of

Published: 10/13 10:50 pm

Updated: 10/14 10:26 am


HONOLULU- A little more than a year since the discovery of the destructive coffee berry borer on the Big Island, growers are finally coming to grips with the true impact of the tiny beetle.

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09 / 28 / 11
Friendly and Professional Pest Control Professionals From Sandwich Isle Pest Solutions

How To Choose The Right Pest Control Company

In Hawaii there are all sorts of pests that require a homeowner’s attention. Pests like bed bugs can cause unsuspecting property owners undue stress. Other insects and rodents such as ants, mice and termites may even cause serious damage if left unaddressed. If your home has been taken over by nuisance and damaging pests, the best solution is to seek help from a pest control professional. Choosing a pest control company may seem like an easy task; however not all pest control companies are the same and should be selected carefully. With that in mind, here are a few tips to help you pick the right company for you and your pest control needs.

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