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05 / 23 / 16
barn owl in hawaii

Injured Barn Owl Nursed back to Health

Going above and beyond is at the forefront of our day here at Sandwich Isle Pest Solutions. What began as an ordinary day, turned into an extraordinary rescue for our wildlife removal team. While scouting for feral pigs, our team came across an injured barn owl. It seemed as though the owl had flown into a tree and fallen to the ground with one of its wings injured. Now, some people would have thought nothing of this injured owl, but our team took action. The injured owl was brought to our President’s, Michael Botha, for attention, and the owl was immediately taken into his care for recovery.

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11 / 19 / 15
sandwich isle pest control logo

What Is Professional Pest Control?

If you were to look up the definition of "professional" you would find that its only qualifying trait is that one must engage in a specified activity as one's main occupation, rather than as a pastime or hobby. If this is the case, there are a lot of professional pest control companies in Hawaii. But, at Sandwich Isle Pest Solutions, we strive to be something more than this. We believe that it isn't enough to just transcend doing pest control as a pastime. We believe that our customers deserve to have the most effective and complete pest control for their homes, businesses, and municipalities. But, keeping pests at bay is no easy task. It requires dedicated study and continual communication with the community of professionals across the country who also dedicate themselves to this profession and this science.

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11 / 17 / 15
meet farmer

Dog of the Month-“Farmer”

Here at Sandwich Isle Pest Solutions we are the proud sponsor of the Dog of The Month program. Each month we choose a deserving furry friend to highlight in the hopes of finding this faithful friend a forever home. The past few months, our chosen canines have been adopted before we could even write about them! It just goes to show that when you bring to light a particular worthwhile need, people respond. This month’s feature dog, I am happy to report, has also found his forever home already! Just like the past few months, we still want to give this little guy his ‘15 minutes of fame’!

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11 / 10 / 15
scientist researching the beginnings of the plague

Scientists Find The Plague Earlier Than Thought

We all know about the Black Death or, as some call it, the Great Plague. We may not all know the exact time frame it occurred, or that it resulted in the deaths of an estimated 75 to 200 million people in Europe--but we are aware that is was bad. Really bad! But, do you know that scientists didn't believe, until recently, that the plague was around earlier than 2,000 years ago? Did you also know that it is still around today? Let's take a quick look at the history of the plague, this new evidence, and what we need to know about the modern-day plague.

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