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12 / 19 / 13
bed bug in a honolulu hotel room

Don't Let Your Holiday Plans Include a Bed Bug Infestation

Are you planning to travel with bed bugs this holiday season? Ok, so we are joking because we know that you would not voluntarily make your holiday travel plans with any bed bugs. But the reality is that folks traveling to and from Honolulu, Hawaii this holiday season may have encounters with these pests including bed bug infested hotel rooms and homes. 

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12 / 05 / 13
Hawaii Pests In Holiday Decorations

Beware Of Pests While Decorating For Christmas

Since the day after Thanksgiving, Hawaiians have been preparing for Christmas. We’ve seen holiday displays in store windows, Christmas trees decorated outside and beautiful light displays on some of the businesses in Honolulu. At Sandwich Isle, we know this is an exciting time of year and with Honolulu City Lights just a few days away, we’re all ready to catch the Christmas spirit! But even though it’s almost Christmas, we would be remiss of our duties as pest control professionals to not remind you about the pest concerns that can be related to Christmas decorating.

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03 / 12 / 13
Bundled Pest Control In Honolulu

Bundle Your Pest Control Services In Honolulu

At Sandwich Isle Pest Solutions we are here to make sure that you receive the very best in Honolulu pest control. We understand just how threatening pests are to your home which is why we now offer our home pest protection plus termite control as a bundled service - the Premier Pest Protection program. We will create a pest barrier around the home so that you are protected year round from the threat of common household pests and even wood destroying termites.

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12 / 13 / 12
Holiday Baking in Honolulu

Snickerdoodle Cookie Recipe Without The Pantry Pests

Who doesn’t love a good Christmas cookie? It’s that time of the year to bring out the mixing bowls and baking ingredients so you can bake your favorite holiday treats to share with ohana in Hawaii. In the spirit of the holiday season, we thought we would share a classic recipe for snickerdoodle cookies which make a great holiday treat. 

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