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10 / 31 / 16
home tented for fumigation service

When To Turn To Fumigation

In some extreme pest infestation cases, fumigation of the home or business is the only way to completely eliminate the pests. Fumigation is a bit like a “do-over” for pest control – wiping out all living pests and allowing you start over with prevention services to ensure your home remains pest free.

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09 / 26 / 16
cockroach on dinner plate

Top 5 Cockroach Prevention Tips

No one in Hawaii likes having cockroaches skittering around on the kitchen floor after the lights have been turned off. But, what we don't like even more is cockroaches racing up the walls when the lights are turned back on. These are disgusting pests that can bring diseases into a home and spread bacteria around. So, we've put together this helpful list of 5 things you can do to prevent cockroach activity in your Hawaii home.

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09 / 20 / 16
mouse in the corner of hawaii home

Protect Your Hawaii Home From Mice

Mice. Sure they are cute little furry creatures with adorable pink noses and whiskers that twitch as they sniff. Sure, their tiny little babies seem so innocent and harmless. Sure, there are movies about mice that make them seem so sweet and smart and friendly; like the one about that intelligent mouse that joins a family and has plenty to contribute as he grows and learns through all his mischievous adventures. And then there is the Christmas mouse – how dangerous can it be? Or how about Mickey and Minnie? Sure, mice can seem to be such sweet little creatures in the movies or in story books, but in real life, mice can be far from adorable and sweet.

Tags: mice control in HI  |  home pest control in hi  |  mice prevention tips

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09 / 09 / 16
house centipede

Problems Centipedes Can Cause In Hawaii

Let's face it, centipedes are common here in Hawaii. And there are few, or no, people who like having them in their home. Here are a few obvious reasons why, and a couple of ideas to guard against them.

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