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03 / 11 / 15
image of a cockroach in a hawaii home

Roaches Are Not Family Friendly Guests

Do you live in the Roach Motel? Seriously, is there evidence of these critters getting into your home as guests and staying as long as they like? In your home they can find food, water and shelter. This is the perfect place for them, as far as they are concerned. This is the worst place for them to be, as far as your family is concerned.

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04 / 22 / 14
termite destroying wood in hawaii

The Threat Of Termites In Hawaii And How To Prevent Them

Termites are known for causing billions of dollars of damage to homes in the United States each year. Termites consume wood 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. They are not easily detected pests and a termite infestation can cause a great deal of damage to your home or business very quickly. Ground termites and dry wood termites are the most commonly found termites in Hawaii. The first step to resolving your termite problem is to try to identify termites as your home’s pest.

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12 / 16 / 13
Feral Pig Hawaii

Hawaii Feral Pig Control Services From Sandwich Isle Pest Solutions

Are you having problems with feral pigs? These pests can inflict severe damage to the native ecosystems of Hawaii; feral pigs in Hawaii will consume ground-cover plants, spreading weeds and creating mosquito breeding areas with their rooting and wallowing in wet forests. To get rid of feral pigs, professional assistance must be sought, as these pests can be challenging to control.

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12 / 09 / 13
How To Get Rid Of Mynah Birds In Hawaii

Hawaii Bird Control For Solar Panels

Pest birds are a problem all across Hawaii and business owners in Honolulu know this first hand. With the recent increase in solar panels on the roofs of commercial facilities, pest birds are becoming even more commonplace, as these birds especially enjoy solar panels for areas to nest. If you have been dealing with pigeons, sparrows or the Mynah bird, Hawaii natives know that your best solution is to call the professionals at Sandwich Isle Pest Solutions. With services from Sandwich Isle, your facility can avoid infestations of the pest birds of Hawaii.

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