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05 / 09 / 14
deer tick on skin in hawaii

Do Ticks In Hawaii Spread Lyme Disease?

May is recognized as Lyme Disease Awareness Month. Lyme disease cases reported to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention has increased 25 fold since 1982. This is 300,000 cases per year and that is 10 times more than previously reported. But the question is- do ticks in Hawaii spread Lyme disease?

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04 / 18 / 14
rat in a honolulu home

Why Rats Are Dangerous And How To Prevent Them

It is estimated that rodents invade more than 20 million homes in the United States every year. The presence of rodents in Hawaii is certainly a problem. An infestation of rats has called for increased Honolulu rodent control, as there are many potential dangers with the population of rats. Serious property damage has occurred with an infestation of rats from chewing furniture, walls, electrical lines and tearing out insulation. Many personal belongings, no matter how carefully packed, have been destroyed by rats chewing into boxes and building nests. However the greatest danger posed is that these rodents spread many diseases everywhere they go. The accumulation of feces spreads bacteria, contaminates food sources and triggers allergic reactions among humans.

Tags: rodent control hawaii  |  Honolulu pest control  |  get rid of rats

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03 / 20 / 14
hawaii fumigation services with vikane

Vikane And Fumigation

Sometimes the only answer for a bed bug or termite problem is fumigation. If you’re like many people, you worry that fumigation is dangerous for your health, the health of your family and pets and even bad for the environment. But fumigation, when used correctly and responsibly by knowledgeable professionals, is perfectly safe. Vikane® gas fumigant is the choice product for most fumigations and it is backed by over 50 years of fumigation expertise, science and the professional fumigators that use it!

Tags: Fumigation  |  Honolulu pest control  |  vikane  |  termite tenting dangers

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03 / 13 / 14
protect your solar panels from birds in hawaii

Birds And Your Home's Solar Panels

A common problem for Honolulu home owners are birds roosting on the roof. Pigeons, red jungle fowl, mynah birds and other pest birds make a lot of noise and can cause a lot of damage, especially on a roof with an expensive solar panel array. These pest birds need to be removed at the very first sign of an infestation, before their nesting materials and droppings cause a significant problem. The shaded area beneath solar panels can get covered with leaves, twigs and other nesting debris; this stuff will clog up gutters and will eventually become a fire hazard. The old bird barrier solution used for a typical roof pest bird problem is inappropriate for a roof with solar panels. To make sure that birds don’t nest on a roof with solar paneling, you must install bird exclusion that is specifically made for solar panels.

Tags: bird control  |  Honolulu pest control  |  solar panels

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