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04 / 07 / 13
Sentricon System In Hawaii

How The Sentricon® System Works To Get Rid Of Termites In Honolulu

No one likes the thought of termites destroying their home and property. And with good reason! These wood destroying pests cost homeowners in Honolulu and throughout Hawaii and even in the states, billions of dollars in property damages every year. Ground termites in Honolulu form their colonies underground and this does not make them easy to identify which is one of the reasons that they are capable of causing so much damage and destruction unbeknownst to us.

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03 / 27 / 13
Termite In Honolulu Home

Termites In Hawaii Call For Effective Treatments

If you have ever experienced a termite infestation then you understand just how devastating these pests can be to the structure of your home. Termites in Hawaii, including both ground termites and drywood termites are a serious threat to the soundness of wood structures. Their number one mission in life is to consume wood, which leaves us all in danger of repairing the costly damages that termites leave behind.

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02 / 20 / 13
Bed Bugs Infest Honolulu Homes

Honolulu Bed Bug Control For Homes

While just a few years ago all of the talk was about bed bugs in hotels, today it is a different story. While bed bugs continue to show up in commercial lodgings, now places like the movie theater and even the library are becoming infested by these parasitic insects which means bed bug control in your Honolulu home is more important than ever. Since you don’t want to be a recluse to try and avoid bed bugs, it is a good idea to take advantage of Sandwich Isle’s bed bug services so that you do not risk bringing bed bugs back to your home.

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02 / 13 / 13
QualityPro Certified Pest Control Company in Hawaii

We Are Hawaii’s QualityPro Certified Pest Control Company

Is your pest management company QualityPro Certified? The QualityPro program is designed to increase the level of professionalism in the pest control industry. As a customer, it is much easier to choose a pest control company thanks to the high standards and excellence of QualityPro certified companies. In order to become a QualityPro certified company, there are many qualifications in place.

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