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10 / 12 / 12

Bird Birth Control Now A Viable Solution To Hawaii's Pigeon Problem

For the past few years Ovocontrol P has been used with great success in humanely reducing pigeon populations around the country by affecting the hatch ability of eggs.  Although the product was available in Hawaii, owing to excessively restrictive language in the label that did not take into consideration Hawaii's unique pest bird challenges it was practically impossible to comply with he label, therefore the product had very limited use.

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10 / 11 / 12
bed bug in a hawaii hotel

Prevention Tips For Bed Bugs In Honolulu

Since bed bugs in Honolulu do not favor any particular kind of environment and are just as likely to infest homes, as they are hotels and other businesses, when it comes to preventing bed bugs, you can never be too careful. And with Honolulu being such a travel hotspot, it’s no wonder that bed bugs are still thriving here.

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09 / 23 / 12
Coming Soon

How Rats In Honolulu Differ From Mice

Mice and rats often get clumped together as rodents and while this is their proper category, there are actually many physical differences between the mice and rats of Honolulu and Hawaii. Rats are a common problem for many homes and businesses in Honolulu and on Oahu and Big Island and since rats are a larger species than mice, they can be quite alarming!

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09 / 09 / 12
cockroach in a honolulu kitchen

Roach Control For Honolulu Homeowners

Have you have ever flipped on a light in the kitchen or bathroom and saw a cockroach running for the nearest crack or crevice? This can be a disturbing sight for many homeowners as it is usually a sign that there is not just one, but many more roaches in your home. And not only are cockroaches and unpleasant sight, they also contaminate surfaces and can cause illness to you and your family members. Learning how to prevent and control cockroaches in your Honolulu home is going to save you a lot of undue stress in the future.

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