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09 / 12 / 16
feral chicken in hawaii

Why Feral Chickens Are A Problem In Hawaii

Wild Chickens. The term seems harmless enough. Chickens can surely peck and I have known a few that will chase you across the yard; but can chickens really be dangerous? Simply put, Yes. When they are feral chickens they can be. Chickens were meant to be in a barnyard. They were meant to be cared for by a farmer and penned safely into a hen house or screened yard. They were meant to be somewhat docile creatures that provide eggs. They were meant to be safe. But when chickens are left to fend for themselves in the wild, they can become a real problem. Unfortunately, this is exactly what we face here in Hawaii.

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12 / 24 / 15
feral chicken

The Chickens Are Coming

The chickens are coming!  The chickens are coming!  This seems to be the cry that is being sounded throughout the Island of Kauai and other parts of Hawaii.  Feral chickens have become a serious problem that is currently increasing at alarming rates.  These wild chickens are not just crossing the road; they are invading parking lots, congregating in forests, and even coming out onto the beaches.  To make matters worse, they are finding ample food supply by eating from garbage cans and pet food dishes that are in the yard; and some tourists visiting our area are even feeding them scraps!

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09 / 22 / 15
feral chicken in hawaii

Why Did The Chicken Cross The Ocean?

Sounds like the makings of a good joke that probably ends with, "He needed something to cock-a-doodle doo." It might even be followed up with, "Why did the turkey cross the ocean?" "To prove it wasn't chicken!" But--turkeys have nothing to do with this article. So, before we find ourselves following a rabbit trail--and subsequently realizing that this article has nothing to do with rabbits either--let's get back to those chickens. The real reason the chicken crossed the ocean is because we brought it over. Before that, there were no chickens in Hawaii. There is some speculation, however, as to when these birds first set foot on the Islands, and even greater speculation surrounding a certain farm and certain hurricane named Iniki, that presumably caused the mass release of domesticated chickens into the wild. It doesn't really matter how it all started. That fact is, it did, and now we're left to figure this chicken mess out--quite literally.

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05 / 01 / 15
Feral Chicken In Hawaii

Feral Chickens in Hawaii

Are you noticing more and more chickens running around Oahu and parts of Big Island? It’s not just your imagination the feral chicken population in Hawaii is on the rise and has been. These wild chickens are truly free range. They can be found just about anywhere from parking lots to beaches, parks to forests. They are being fed by tourists, eating garbage and sometimes pet food. It is hard to truly conclude where these feral chickens came from. Some believe they are just domesticated chickens that escaped while others believe they are descendants of the red jungle fowl brought to the island 800 years ago.

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