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11 / 16 / 16
angry mongoose

The Maui Mongoose Invasion

Mongooses are not native to Hawaii. They were brought to the islands in 1883 in hopes they would control the rat population. They do eat rats, but because rats are nocturnal and mongooses hunt for food during the day, they simply don’t eat enough rats to help control the population. Now, Maui experiences problems caused by mongooses from almost causing extinction of the Nene Hawaiian Goose to eating ground-nesting birds and their eggs, to carrying diseases that can be fatal to humans. If you have mongoose on your property, you should never attempt to remove them on your own. Call on the expert pest control specialists at Sandwich Isle Pest Solutions to ensure the mongoose are removed safely.

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09 / 16 / 16
mongoose on a rock in hawaii

Mongoose Damage and How to Avoid it

The mongoose is an invasive species in Hawaii, and if it gets into your home or business, you are looking at a hefty repair and cleanup bill. Residents are prohibited from keeping, breeding, and bringing the mammal to the state. If you spot one, you must call the authorities right away, but if you spot it in your home, the damage is already done. Sandwich Isle Pest Solutions can help you avoid devastating mongoose damage to your home.

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07 / 30 / 16

Mongoose Control In Hawaii

Mongooses normally burrow into the ground and will feed on quite a variety of things from rodents to birds, frogs, reptiles, worms, insects as well as fruits and nuts.  It's their love of eating rodents that caught the attention of Hawaii a long time ago. 

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