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05 / 05 / 16
mosquito on water

Fewer Mosquitoes Fewer Bites

It is simple math. The fewer mosquitoes flying around Hawaii homes and business, the fewer bites we will be getting. So, how do we get fewer mosquitoes? This is simple as well. Here's what you need to know.

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04 / 06 / 16
mosquito on skin

Mosquito Threats And Precautionary Measures In Hawaii

Mosquitoes are a threat here in Hawaii. Protect yourself and your family.

Tags: mosquito-borne disease  |  mosquitoes  |  mosquito prevention tips  |  mosquito control in hi

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12 / 28 / 15

What is Dengue Fever?

Older children and adults tend to have worse cases than young children, and sometimes serious problems can develop, which can include enlargement of the liver and failure of the circulatory system. In the worst cases, the symptoms may progress to excessive bleeding, shock, and death.

Tags: mosquito control  |  mosquitoes  |  dengue fever

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06 / 17 / 15
image of a person bit by midges

Revenge of the midges, irony at its best!

Being an entomologist means that bugs really are your way of life. You have the inside scoop on bugs and insects that not many others have. You understand their ways. Being an entomologist and owning a pest control company only intensifies this aspect of your life. When you meet people and hang out with your friends and family often the conversation goes to pests.

Tags: Michael Botha  |  midges  |  flies  |  mosquitoes

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