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05 / 19 / 16
mynah bird on tree branch

Do You Have A Major Problem With Mynah Birds?

If you have a problem with mynah birds, it is anything but minor. Get the right treatment for those mynah birds today!

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08 / 05 / 15

Sandwich Isle Pest Helps Solarimpulse

Sandwich Isle Pest Solutions was recently asked to contribute in a big way to the success of the historic flight of Solarimpulse. Birds nesting in or around the plane or even birds defecating on the plane’s extremely sensitive surfaces could potentially lead to disaster for this flight. The engineering team for Solarimpulse contacted us to design and fabricate a bird proof net enclosure that would exclude the birds from the aircraft while still allowing maintenance personnel to access it!

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06 / 01 / 15
Mallard Duck

Duck Troubles On Oahu

Ducks are great, aren't they? Why are you shaking your head? Have you had to deal with a duck problem in the past--or worse--are you dealing with one right now? It's okay. We understand. Ducks can be a real pain in the butt, especially if that is where they bite you. But, not all ducks are created equal. There is one pest duck that stands out from the others. Let's take a look at this troublemaker and see if we can find a solution.

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