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02 / 03 / 16
home in hawaii

How Many Pests Do You Have?

Hawaii is a tropical paradise, and humans aren't the only creatures that think so. Hawaii is home to an amazing variety of fauna. It is only a matter of time before your home gets an uninvited guest. You may even already have one, or two, or even three or more.

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09 / 02 / 15
sandwich isles fumigation team

Military Project: Mission Accomplished

At Sandwich Isle Pest Solutions there is no job too big for our highly trained team of professional pest control agents. When given the opportunity to accomplish a huge task and support our military men and women in a big way, we jumped at the chance – confident that if they can risk so much to serve us, then we could do the same to serve them.

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02 / 28 / 15
hawaii centipede

FAQs On Centipedes In Hawaii

Centipedes are part of the Scolopendra family of which three types can be found in the beautiful Islands of Hawaii. The appearance of a centipede is one that can be easily and quickly recognized. The centipede sports an elongated, flattened exoskeletal body and a head with very distinctive antennae. The long trunk of the centipede is segmented with numerous legs. It has been said that the centipede can have anywhere from 15 to 177 pairs of legs. There are always an odd number of segments in the body of the centipede with each segment having a pair of legs.

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02 / 24 / 15

SIPS Visits Non-Profit Shelter In Need Of Pest Control

Pest Control Technician, Gil Sta. Ines, did an on-site inspection at the Oahu SPCA this past weekend. The non-profit shelter is in dire need of pest control services.

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