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06 / 28 / 16
coffee berry borer illustration

Coffee Berry Borers In Hawaii

There are few bugs that strike as much fear in the heart of coffee growers like the coffee berry borer. It is estimated that this insect is responsible for nearly $500 million in coffee crop damage worldwide each year; and there is currently no treatment that will kill coffee berry borers that have already infested coffee berries. So, when these pests showed up in Hawaii in 2010, it created quite a stir. The DOA set up a quarantine zone on Big Island and mandated that all coffee beans moving off the island be treated; and the team here at Sandwich Isle Pest Solutions acted quickly to assist state agencies in reducing the economic impact by setting up a treatment center in Kailua-Kona.

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06 / 23 / 16
Dog Of The Month Haole Boy

Haole Boy Is Our Dog of the Month

There is no doubt that a dog adds immensely to a family. They are loyal, protective, possessive (in a good way), and they can comfort like no other. Dogs are smart and useful. They add a dimension to your life that is irreplaceable. Have you ever had a dog in your life that just looks at you with eyes filled with perfect love and devotion? It is not an experience that you will soon forget! When you decide to adopt a dog, you are not just adding a pet to your family; you are adding another family member. One that will love you unconditionally and support you no matter what you are going through.

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01 / 11 / 16
fly found in hawaii

Do Flies Carry Disease?

If you've ever been in a place where there are a lot of flies, or if you've seen places on TV like this, you may have wondered about this question. Perhaps you've seen images of an outdoor meat market where the food is not properly covered, and flies are buzzing everywhere, landing on the meat and fish and other foods. Would you want to purchase those foods? Most would say no. But why is this? What's wrong with a few flies? The fact is flies can carry disease. They crawl all over things like rotting dead animals, feces, and decomposing food in places like dumps, sewers, and anywhere else where there is death and rot. They lay their eggs on decomposing materials and, to eat, flies will deposit saliva onto their food. This partially digests the material so they can then suck it up through their straw-like mouthparts. In doing so, they pick up all sorts of harmful bacteria on their feet and bodies; then they fly into your home or backyard, and land on your hamburger.

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