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04 / 16 / 12
hawaii mosquito control services

3 Mosquito Control Musts for Hawaii

If you plan on spending some quality time outside enjoying our beautiful Hawaii weather, you will want to remember to protect yourself from mosquitoes. It is that time of the year again when the mosquitoes begin to breed and rapidly multiply. A fun afternoon cooking out can turn into a feast for mosquitoes, leaving family and friends with  itchy mosquito bites.

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12 / 15 / 11
Experts On Pest Control In Hawaii Offer Pest Prevention Tips For The Holidays

Pest Prevention When Bringing Home A Christmas Tree

Have you picked out your Christmas tree yet? If you’re like us, you probably prefer the real kind at Christmas, despite the cost or the frustration of lost pine needles on the floor. Fake Christmas trees are nice looking, and perhaps even easier to have in your home than a real Christmas tree, but they just don’t inspire that Holiday feeling like a real Christmas tree does! Whether you’re choosing a Norfolk Island Pine (first brought to Hawaii in 1852 and the official Christmas tree of Hawaii!) this year, or even a Leyland Cypress, bringing home the amazing smell of the Christmas aloha spirit with a real Christmas tree really completes your preparations for the Christmas celebration.

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