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07 / 28 / 17
carpenter ant on water damaged wood

Types Of Damage Carpenter Ants Can Cause

When most homeowners think of a highly destructive pest that can cause severe structural damage by attacking their home’s structural wood, the pest that comes to most people’s mind first is the termite; and for good reason! Wood consuming termites are certainly the insect that causes the most severe structural damages to properties. However, they aren’t the only sheriff in town so to speak, the carpenter ant ranks a close second behind them, and while they don’t actually eat the wood they are damaging, they do have the ability to cause significant damage to homes and other properties if proper measures aren’t taken to prevent and control them!

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04 / 20 / 17
norway rat

Tips to avoid Norway rats

Here in Hawaii, we are privileged to have thousands of native species of plants and animals that have not had any natural predators until man introduced them to the islands. One of the most destructive of these predatory species introduced is the Norway rat, presumed to have been introduced to the Islands on cargo ships decades ago. Since that time, several plant species as well as turtle and ground bird species have declined. The Norway rat has also been blamed for the percentage of reduction in crops produced in Hawaii like pineapples, coffee, and other fruits and vegetables.

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08 / 10 / 16
customer interaction

Get Complete Protection From Pests In Hawaii

There are many small details to maintaining a home. One thing that many people try to go without or overlook is pest control services; but in reality, did you know that implementing a pest control plan is one of the best things that you can do for the health of your home and family? Pests like ants, spiders, bed bugs, centipedes, flies, rodents, fleas, termites, and many others can introduce a whole host of diseases to your family, destroy personal belongings, significantly damage the structure of your home, and/or contaminate food stored within your home. Preventing pests in your home is a necessity; and luckily, it has never been more economical or easy, especially when you team up with the pest professionals at Sandwich Isle Pest Solutions!

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07 / 15 / 16
centipede in hawaiian home

How To Get Rid Of Centipedes In Hawaii

Centipedes are a fairly common pest that frequently invades Hawaiian homes. Here at Sandwich Isle Pest Solutions we are often asked the question, “How do I get rid of centipedes?” Well, we are here to answer this burning question and give you the steps needed to get rid of centipedes once and for all!

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