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05 / 30 / 17
homes in hawaii

Which Pest Control Plan is Best for My Home?

There are so many pests in Hawaii and so many plans from which you can choose to get rid of them. How do you know which pest control program you should choose and whether or not it is the best one to fit your needs? With all these choices for pest control, how can you choose correctly so that you won’t have any sleepless nights wondering if pests still creep around? Let us help you decide.

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04 / 28 / 17
woman getting ready to clean kitchen

Spring Cleaning Tips To Avoid Pests

If you want to avoid pests this spring and summer take advantage of Spring and the nice weather that goes along with it to rid your home of unwanted pests to make your home less attractive to them. Let’s talk about your usual spring cleaning, you just may need to turn it up a notch and include an inspection of some areas of your home to include pest prevention.

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10 / 19 / 16
customer and technician

Find The Perfect Pest Plan

Here in Hawaii, protecting your home from invading pests can seem like a full-time, year-round occupation. There are so many hidden threats to our homes and businesses that dealing with them can be an overwhelming prospect. Without professional help and guidance there to protect you, your family, and your home from what seems to be a constant onslaught, homeowners can become quite discouraged. Treatments for pest infestations cost thousands of dollars each year all over Maui. That’s why Sandwich Isle Pest Solutions has come up with a plan tailored to your needs. Each plan offers year-round, budget-friendly protection from pests.

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