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08 / 21 / 15
Bug Bite

Help Bug Bites Get Better Faster

I love everything that is summer…..even the hazy, hot, humid days when there is nothing to do but lay on your back in the grass and watch the clouds go by. I love the long days and the warm nights, the beautiful birds flitting overhead calling to each other as they pass by, and even the occasional shower or storm that leaves the air so crisp and clean once it has finished washing the world. It is absolutely my favorite time of the year; however, as close to paradise as summer is for me there is still a small blotch in its perfection. Bugs! That’s right, bugs seem to invade and penetrate every aspect of summer fun at some point or other. It seems like there are specific bugs that are prevalent no matter what time of day or what type of weather is present; but even with their invasions I have found several ways to keep these pests from ruining a perfectly good day.

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07 / 19 / 15

Feral Mongooses are not Natives…

Have you ever made plans with the best of intentions only to find that it has all gone bad? This is what happened in Hawaii after the sugar industry imported mongooses from India in 1883 to help curb the rat population problem especially in the cane fields. It was a great idea – mongooses love to eat small birds and mammals, reptiles and the like. It was the perfect answer to the growing problem of rats – or so they thought.

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02 / 13 / 13
QualityPro Certified Pest Control Company in Hawaii

We Are Hawaii’s QualityPro Certified Pest Control Company

Is your pest management company QualityPro Certified? The QualityPro program is designed to increase the level of professionalism in the pest control industry. As a customer, it is much easier to choose a pest control company thanks to the high standards and excellence of QualityPro certified companies. In order to become a QualityPro certified company, there are many qualifications in place.

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