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07 / 14 / 15

Romeo, is he the love for you?

Romeo, Romeo where for art thou Romeo…. If you are looking for the ‘love’ of your life in your pet consider this adorable dog Romeo. The only background we have on this sweet ‘best friend’ is that he was found on the North Shore, and was taken to the shelter by a Good Samaritan. Romeo has such kind eyes and is a sweet pup. He is a bit lanky and in need of love and attentio

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06 / 22 / 15
Gertrude from OSPCA

Gertrude: One Brave Dog

Not every dog comes to the OSPCA with a simple story. Gertrude is a prime example of a dog with a difficult story to tell. She is only three years old and has already been bread several times in her life. From her health assessment at OSPCA it looks like someone started breeding her when she was only 6 months old. Unfortunately that is not the worst part of her story. When they did x-rays to check her health, they found out that she had been shot by a shot gun while running away. The pellets are now imbedded in her skin. Luckily they are not in any life threatening places.

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12 / 05 / 13
Hawaii Pests In Holiday Decorations

Beware Of Pests While Decorating For Christmas

Since the day after Thanksgiving, Hawaiians have been preparing for Christmas. We’ve seen holiday displays in store windows, Christmas trees decorated outside and beautiful light displays on some of the businesses in Honolulu. At Sandwich Isle, we know this is an exciting time of year and with Honolulu City Lights just a few days away, we’re all ready to catch the Christmas spirit! But even though it’s almost Christmas, we would be remiss of our duties as pest control professionals to not remind you about the pest concerns that can be related to Christmas decorating.

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10 / 17 / 13
Honolulu Bed Bug Control

Signs Of Bed Bugs In Your Hawaii Home

Bed bugs aren’t the kind of pest problem where you just wait a little while and they might go away. In fact with bed bugs, if you just wait a little while, you will have more, as they reproduce quickly. The possibility of bed bugs leaving your home on their own is slim to none, unless you vacate your property, possibly for longer than a year. Since that’s not going to happen, the very best way to get rid of bed bugs to is to act as soon as it becomes obvious there is a problem.

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