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04 / 07 / 16
solar impulse

Flying High

The solar-powered Solar Impulse 2 plane began its trip around the world in Abu Dhabi on March 9, 2015. The record-setting trip is divided into 13 arduous stages, with each leg lasting for days. The plane had just completed its eighth stage when it landed in Honolulu on July 3, 2015, but due to necessary repairs on the battery packs, the highly technical vessel was grounded until April 2016. Up until that point the plane spent countless hours soaring with the birds, but now that it was “keeping its feet on the ground,” the goal was to keep the birds out.

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08 / 24 / 15
Fire Ant

Little Fire Ants Are Invading the Hawaiian Isles

If you are noticing tiny ants that pack a powerful long-lasting sting invading your Hawaiian property you are not alone. Little fire ants are tiny non-native invaders that have taken over the eastern side of the Hawaii Island and if people are not vigilant they will soon spread and cause damage to other parts of Hawaii as well. These ants will rain down from trees on windy days to sting the neck, arms, and torso of people and children. Little fire ants are doing their best to take over Hawaii, so we have to work together to do our best to stop them!

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08 / 05 / 15

Sandwich Isle Pest Helps Solarimpulse

Sandwich Isle Pest Solutions was recently asked to contribute in a big way to the success of the historic flight of Solarimpulse. Birds nesting in or around the plane or even birds defecating on the plane’s extremely sensitive surfaces could potentially lead to disaster for this flight. The engineering team for Solarimpulse contacted us to design and fabricate a bird proof net enclosure that would exclude the birds from the aircraft while still allowing maintenance personnel to access it!

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07 / 19 / 15

Feral Mongooses are not Natives…

Have you ever made plans with the best of intentions only to find that it has all gone bad? This is what happened in Hawaii after the sugar industry imported mongooses from India in 1883 to help curb the rat population problem especially in the cane fields. It was a great idea – mongooses love to eat small birds and mammals, reptiles and the like. It was the perfect answer to the growing problem of rats – or so they thought.

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