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03 / 13 / 14
protect your solar panels from birds in hawaii

Birds And Your Home's Solar Panels

A common problem for Honolulu home owners are birds roosting on the roof. Pigeons, red jungle fowl, mynah birds and other pest birds make a lot of noise and can cause a lot of damage, especially on a roof with an expensive solar panel array. These pest birds need to be removed at the very first sign of an infestation, before their nesting materials and droppings cause a significant problem. The shaded area beneath solar panels can get covered with leaves, twigs and other nesting debris; this stuff will clog up gutters and will eventually become a fire hazard. The old bird barrier solution used for a typical roof pest bird problem is inappropriate for a roof with solar panels. To make sure that birds don’t nest on a roof with solar paneling, you must install bird exclusion that is specifically made for solar panels.

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