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07 / 21 / 16
termites in the ground

Do Termites Bite?

If you know anything about termites, you may have cause for concern. Termite colonies can have thousands of insects living in them--thousands of insects that have mouthparts that chew through solid wood. That is some scary stuff. It may be enough to give you nightmares. But, we have good news for you. Termites are no threat to you personally. Here are some reasons why.

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07 / 07 / 16
subterranean termites

Termite Treatment Options

Hawaii is a tropical paradise that draws people in from all over the world. Do you know who else likes it here in the Aloha State? That's right. Termites! We have lots of them. So it only makes sense to have lots of options to protect ourselves from them.

Tags: termites in hawaii  |  termite control  |  termite treatments in Hawaii

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02 / 17 / 16
ground termites

Termites in Maui

Once called white ants, but often referred to now as "ground termites," the subterranean termite is a pest no one wants to ever find in their Hawaiian home. These insects are simple organisms that devour wood 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, without ceasing, costing Hawaii property owners over $100 million dollars every year. If you own a home in Maui, this is what you need to know about these wood-destroying organisms.

Tags: termites in hawaii  |  termite control  |  Termite Protection

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12 / 23 / 15
ground termites

Hawaiian Termite Problems

Termites!  No matter who you are or where you live, this single word can cause fear and panic in your heart and mind – rightfully so.  Termites cause over $5 billion in damages annually here in the United States, most of which is not covered under insurance policies.  These silent destroyers often go unnoticed for months or years, and are typically only discovered after the damage they have caused has become severe.

Tags: drywood termites  |  termite control  |  Termite Protection

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