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10 / 21 / 16
ground termites

Avoid Termite Damage To Your Commercial Facility

Termites are a silent destroyer that causes over 5 billion dollars worth of damages to properties all across the U.S. You read right, 5 billion dollars! Many people associate termites with causing problems for homeowners, but business owners in Maui have to protect their commercial properties from these wood-feeding insects as well. If your business is not protected from termites, the cost of repair can be staggering to the bottom line.

Tags: commercial pest control in maui  |  termite control and prevention

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09 / 07 / 16
termite swarmer in maui home

3 Most Important Termite Questions in Maui

Do you have questions about Hawaii termites? We understand. There are few insects that can put terror in the heart of a Hawaii homeowner like termites can. These wood-eating creatures can strike without warning and feed on a home for years without detection, and the most destructive species of termite in the United States live in Maui.

Tags: tent fumigation services hi  |  termites in hawaii  |  termite control and prevention

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