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04 / 07 / 17
termites common in hawaii

Termite Control You Can Depend On

When it comes to most things in life, prevention is really the best solution to any problem. This is a statement that especially rings true when it comes to a termite infestation. Trying to eliminate termites from your Hawaiian property and repair the damages that they have caused is much more costly and time-consuming than just taking the time to put in place preventative measures now! Trust us. Here at Sandwich Isle Pest Solutions, we know termites, and we know just how costly their damages can be!

Tags: termite control and prevention in hi  |  ground and drywood termites  |  damages caused by termites

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03 / 10 / 17
subterranean termites near hawaii home

Termite Awareness Week

Every year, the pest industry takes part in Termite Awareness Week. And nowhere is termite awareness more important right here in our Hawaii service area. The tropical climate gives termites everything they need to thrive. So please consider taking part in Termite Awareness Week, which falls on March 12-18 of 2017.

Tags: termite awareness week  |  termite control and prevention in hi  |  termite facts

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01 / 18 / 17
termite found in hawaii

2017's Most Unwanted Pest

You are at the post office mailing some letters and happen to glance over at the wall that contains numerous ‘most wanted’ posters. You see the usual suspects, those wanted for robbery, murder, and such; but then something unusual catches your eye. It’s not a person pictured on one of the posters, it’s a termite! That’s right; it’s not just common criminals that you have to protect your home and family from. You also need to protect them from the dangers and damages of termites - 2017’s most unwanted pest!

Tags: drywood termites vs subterranean termites  |  termite control and prevention in hi  |  sentricon® system with always active™

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11 / 07 / 16
subterranean termites in ground near home in hawaii

Why Preventative Treatments Are A Must In Hawaii

Termites are a serious problem in the United States, one that costs U.S. property owners over $5 billion every year. Unfortunately, states like Hawaii get hit very hard because we have a climate that makes it easy for termites to thrive throughout the year. Because termites do not have a need to rest, they can be active 24 hours a day, that is the potential for a lot of damage to your home. The Formosan subterranean termite has continued to thrive in our state and is directly responsible for large amounts of damage to both homes and businesses each year. All of this activity makes preventative treatments an essential part of owning property in Hawaii.

Tags: termites in hawaii  |  termite control and prevention in hi

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