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Commercial Pest Control Services In Honolulu

Sandwich Isle Pest Solutions Protects Your Company

Your reputation is vital to the success of your business and at Sandwich Isle, we are committed to protecting it, as well as your business.  This is accomplished through an Integrated Pest Management process that ensures consistency, accountability, responsiveness and effectiveness.  Only Sandwich Isle Pest Solutions offers a 10-step pest elimination program, specifically catered to commercial facilities. It focuses heavily on inspection and monitoring, as well as a targeted chemical application to maximize control of pests and minimize the application of unneeded chemicals in your facility. We understand that one roach is too many and we will dedicate ourselves to see that your commercial business is pest free.  In addition, if your facility is subject to third party audits, Sandwich Isle can often can help prepare for third party audits from a pest control standard.

Commercial Pest Control For Honolulu Businesses

Since 1997, Sandwich Isle has provided effective Honolulu pest control, as well as well as pest control services to businesses on Big Island and Oahu.  We understand every facility has its own unique pest pressures and requires a commercial pest control program that is tailored to them. No matter your business or industry, we are ready to help you protect your product, employees and customers as well as your brand!  In addition to customized pest control programs, our commercial services include: 

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