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Commercial Rodent Control In Hawaii

Are Rodents A Threat To Your Company?

Rodents in Honolulu and throughout Hawaii are a major nuisance for business owners.  In addition to introducing serious health risks to employees and customers, mice, rats and other rodents have a tendency to gnaw on electrical wires and often cause physical damage to a business.  At Sandwich Isle Pest Solutions, we realize that rodent infestations in restaurants, hospitals and hotels as well as other commercial facilities can result in significant economic loss as well as harm to a company’s brand and professional reputation.  That is why we provide business owners and managers with Honolulu rodent control and also provide Oahu with highly effective rodent control.

Protect Your Employees, Guests And Brand From Rodents

Our rodent control is an effective pest control service that is designed to eliminate mice, rats and other rodents that are infesting your company and includes:

  • A thorough rodent inspection of your facility including kitchens, outside dumpsters and loading docks

  • Identification of nesting areas

  • Locating feeding grounds

  • Eliminating existing rodent activity

  • Proper cleanup to ensure your employees and patrons are safe from allergies and illness

  • Rodent proofing your facility to prevent future infestations

Contact Us For Experienced Rodent Control In Honolulu

Whether you’ve spotted a rat lurking near crates or are facing a larger rodent infestation, Sandwich Isle Pest Solutions is ready to be your trusted mouse and rat exterminator and will help you resolve your current rodent problem no matter how severe.  For more information on our commercial rodent control, please contact Sandwich Isle today!

Not a business?  Learn more about Honolulu rodent control for the home!

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