Common Pest Birds In Hawaii

Hawaii is known for its natural beauty and exotic wildlife, and wild birds are definitely a part of what makes Hawaii so beautiful and exotic. But, there are certain birds that are not only hostile to native Hawaiian bird species, they also cause issues when they come into our yards and nest on our property. These are the common pest birds of Hawaii.


The biggest bird pest in any state is the pigeon. Wherever these birds go, there is sure to be free food lying around. Pigeons are opportunistic eaters that will feed in dumpsters, on trash heaps, in sewage spills, and around every fast food restaurant ever built. Though these colorful birds can be pretty to look at, and fun to feed, they should never be welcome in our yards, or on our property. The droppings from pigeons can spread dangerous pathogens to humans, and are a significant slipping hazard when they get on walkways and stairs.


The (male) peacock and the (female) peahen are considered peafowl. But the male, perhaps because he is prettier, is the best known of the two. Regardless of which gender of peafowl you have on your property, they are going to cause the same problems. If you like your sleep, you're not likely to enjoy having peafowl on your property. These birds emit a noise that some find intensely irritating. If you like the paint job on your car, these birds will give you another reason to not have them on your property. The droppings from a peafowl are corrosive. Those droppings may also have harmful bacteria and diseases. Always wear protective gear when cleaning up a mess caused by this bird.

Feral Chicken

There was a time when the only chickens that lived in Hawaii were chickens that lived in captivity. They were brought to the islands to produce eggs and provide a source of food. But, at some point, a few of those captive chickens escaped into the wild--a habitat they had no trouble thriving in. But, as wild chickens, they provide none of the benefits for which they were brought here, and have firmly established themselves as pests, leaving kukae moa (chicken droppings) everywhere they go, making loud noises at inappropriate hours, damaging vegetation and landscapes, spreading illness to native birds, and more.

Mynah Birds

Although it is an exotic looking bird with its bright orange eyes and beak contrasted against black plumage, these brown, black, and orange birds can be significant pests. Like other pest birds, the droppings from mynah birds can cause many issues. They can be a slipping hazard, contain diseases, and be a significant frustration to clean up. But the problem these scavenger birds are known for is pecking freshly planted seeds, fruit on the tree, and vegetables in gardens. They are also not averse to eating out of dumpsters, trash cans, and trash heaps, or making a meal out of roadkill. When they get into the wrong place, they can present an issue for machinery and air-conditioning units.  


Of all the ducks in Hawaii, the mallard is the duck that is most likely to become a pest. While it is possible for Koloa maoli, and other duck species to cause a problem, they can't hold a candle to the mallard. This is an aggressive bird, both toward other birds, and to humans as well. They've also been known to go after pet animals. Mallards are happy to live off the generosity of humans. They congregate wherever food is being thrown to them and they dine in our dumpsters and trash. If you have a beautiful landscape, you're not going to want these birds around. They leave large quantities of droppings that are unsightly to look at, may contain harmful bacteria, and can be easy to slip on.

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