Meet Our Staff


michael botha

Michael Botha


Founded the company as a one man operation in 1997.
Michael is a member of the management team, oversees the Quality Assurance program and enjoys supporting the various service and sales divisions.
Michael enjoys spending time with his two children, wife and three dogs at their home on the North Shore or in the outdoors hunting and fishing.
Favorite Quote: "Impossible is Nothing!" Muhammad Ali

keoni kalani

Keoni Kalani

Quality Assurance Manager

I started in the industry in 1992, and joined the family at Sandwich Isle Pest Solutions in 2006 as inside sales. I gained experience with CSR duties, scheduling, and preparing Termite Inspection Reports, just to name a few. I was promoted to a Manager for the outer island accounts, traveling to each of the islands to service the accounts there. I wear many hats, PC, QA, Fumigation, Support Manager and have the following credentials: *CDL w/ Hazmat Endorsement , *7a, *7b, *7c, *7e.
In my spare time I adore spending time w/ my beautiful wife. I am a Home theater buff, I like to install and calibrate Home theater systems and love watching movies at home.
The greatest thing about being a part of the Sandwich Isle family is everyone works great together.

Favorite Quote: "Everything happens for a reason."

ian mateo

Ian Mateo

General Manager

He has worked in all areas of Sandwich Isle: Sentricon, Pest Control, Ground Treatment, Homeguard, EnviroPureHeat, Fumigation, Inside Sales, Customer Service, Service Manager & now General Manager. Enjoys traveling to Industry meetings, learning more about the business.

guy matsumoto

Guy Matsumoto

Senior Sales Manager

Guy Matsumoto is the Senior Sales Manager, & started soon after the Company first opened, in 1997. He does racquet ball & running to relieve stress, along with visiting with friends after work on Fridays. His favorite quote: "Don't worry about things that you have no control over."

corey ramelb

Corey Ramelb

Fumigation Manager

Years in field: 10+
I have been a Member for 9 years in charge of all the Midway Island jobs, supporting EnviroPure Heat Dept, Termite Dept, General Pest Control Dept and member of the Quality Assurance Dept. Also, supports all neighbor island Profume jobs. Manager of Fumigation Division team.
Enjoys spending time and traveling with his wife and three children. Loves to go workout, swim, and jog after work.

Favorite quote: "A person is a person, no matter how small." - Dr. Seuss

aileen sta ines

Aileen Sta Ines

Human Resource Manager

Aileen has been working in the pest control industry since 2001.
She enjoys spending time with family, friends and her two dogs.
Favorite Quote: "Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take, but by the moments that take our breath away" - Maya Angelou

nikki cruz

Nikki Cruz

Office Manager

Team member since: 2001
Member of the Sales and Admin Team
She enjoys spending time with her beautiful daughter Tehani and husband Albert.

Favorite Quote: "Life is what you make it." - Anna Mary Robertson Moses

gare starbuck

Gare Starbuck

Wildlife Field Supervisor

o In the industry since 2002

o Hobbies: Reading, hiking and playing soccer.

o Favorite Quote: "Always be prepared"

chris wilson

Chris Wilson

Pest Control BB/INI Service Manager

o In the industry since 2014

o Hobbies: Fishing, watching sports, golf, and anything beach related

o Favorite quote: "Show me don't tell me"

teresa greene

Teresa Greene

Inside Sales Manager

Team member since March 2012. She enjoys spending time with her family and pets or at the beach.

Quote: “Life must be lived as play” Plato

amy conklin

Amy Conklin

Pest Control Department Manager

Hobbies: Enjoying competitive swimming, coaching. Cooking.
Favorite Quote: “There are far, far better things ahead than any we leave behind.” - C.S. Lewis

chris arrasmith

Chris Arrasmith

Sales Manager (RES & COM Outside Sales)
dave melton

Dave Melton

Operations Manager
marisol quintanilla

Marisol Quintanilla

Marisol Quintanilla, Ph.D., B.C.E.
ron buckholtz

Ron Buckholtz

Maui Operations Manager
kaui campbell

Kaui Campbell

Service Manager Trainee

ArrowSales Department

joe chong

Joe Chong

Pest Management Consultant

Years in industry: 16 Years
Team Member: 4 Years
Enjoys spending time with Family and Friends.
Favorite Quote: "Only a life lived for others is a life worth living." Albert Einstein

james dumas

James Dumas

Pest Management Consultant

I have been a member of the Sandwich Isle Team for about 10 years. I became educated in the field of pest management working as a pest management technician for several years eventually becoming a field representative for the company. I really enjoy meeting with customers and trying to come up with the best possible solutions for their particular situation. In my spare time, I enjoy going to the beach with my dogs, reading, running, anything physically demanding and spending quality time with my family.

dennis mijo

Dennis Mijo

Pest Management Consultant

I've been at Sandwich Isle almost 5 years, with 10 years in the industry. In my free time I love to golf and work in my yard.

Quote "Never go to sleep angry."

paul rebucas

Paul Rebucas

Commercial Accounts Manager

I have been in the Pest & Termite business for over 15 years.
I specialize in residential and commercial accounts.
My philosophy is "Do whatever it takes to make the customer happy and loyal to Sandwich Isle Pest Solutions."

adam lefebvre

Adam Lefebvre

Pest Management Consultant

Team Member Since June 2005
Member of the Sales Team
He enjoys surfing and diving in his spare time

roland rodriguez

Roland Rodriguez

Pest Management Consultant

o In the industry since 2014

o Hobbies: ocean activities and hiking

o Favorite quote: “Always bear in mind that your own resolution to succeed is more important than any other one thing.” - Abraham Lincoln

james hayashi

James Hayashi

Pest Management Consultant

o In the industry since 2007

o Hobbies: Karaoke, Listen to music, Golfing, Skiing

o Favorite Quote: “Always put yourself in the other's shoes. If you feel that it hurts you, it probably hurts the person too.”

janice tomlinson

Janice Tomlinson

Inside Sales Representative
rico cummings

Rico Cummings

Inside Sales Representative
kyle margentina

Kyle Margentina

Commercial Sales Representative
harold scholes

Harold Scholes

Inside Sales Representative
todd murphy

Todd Murphy

Commercial Sales Representative


kris richardson

Kris Richardson

GT/Sentricon & Fumigation Scheduler

Team member since: 12/22/11
Member of the Fumigation/Termite Division
Kris enjoys the outdoors, spending time with friends and family, especially her granddaughter and is looking forward to granddaughter #2’s arrival in December 2012.
Favorite quote: "Life is short - eat dessert first"

suzie schaefer

Suzie Schaefer

Contract Specialist

I've been a member of Sandwich Isle since 2005. As a member of the Management Team, I am involved with contracts, ordering, hiring, advertising, to name a few. I enjoy sailing and relaxing with friends.
One of my favorite quotes: "I love to dance. I think it's better to dance than to march through life." Yoko Ono

ashley murden

Ashley Murden

Customer Service Representative

o In the industry since 2014

o Hobbies: I love spending time outdoors with family and friends. I have passion for yoga, meditation, and weight lifting. Love being active.

o Favorite Quote: “Your struggle is part of your legacy. See problems for precisely what they are…seeds.”

david pae

David Pae

Customer Service Representative
jennifer damrell

Jennifer Damrell

Customer Service Representative
alexis lucas klein

Alexis Lucas-Klein

Customer Service Representative
reno pona

Reno Pona

Customer Service Representative
tiana desaulniers

Tiana Desaulniers

Customer Service Representative
ashley russell

Ashley Russell

Collections Specialist
rose lungay

Rose Lungay

Customer Service Representative
cherie ishihara

Cherie Ishihara

HR Assistant

ArrowPest Control Technicians

glenn augustine

Glenn Agustin

Pest Control Technician

Has been with Sandwich Isle for 10 months and is a team member of the pest control department. He enjoys fishing, riding motorcycles, shooting guns, hunting, radio control cars, and video games
Favorite quote: "Do you know what my favorite part of the game is? The opportunity to play."

emmitt bass

Emmitt Bass

Pest Control Technician

Has been with Sandwich Isle for 3 years and enjoys working here because it gives him the opportunity to use his skills/gifts to help/improve the company. In his spare time he enjoys auto mechanics/hot rods, astronomy, astro physics, rifles, pistols, and marksmanship.

Favorite quote: "Work smart not hard and do the right thing all the time not just when someone is looking"

ralph nagata

Ralph Nagata

Pest Control Technician

I've been with Sandwich Isle since March 2003. I am a PC Tech & a Certified GT Tech.

Favorite Quote: "Die looking young, as old as possible."

frank pires

Frank Pires

Pest Control Technician

He has been with Sandwich Isle for 2 years. In his spare time he enjoys golf, playing music, BBQs, and sports.

Favorite quote: "You are my flesh and I'm your bone"

Gil Sta Ines

Gil Sta Ines

I have been with Sandwich Isle since April 15, 2000. In my spare time I enjoy playing tennis. Working with this company is a challenge, it has a good image and keeps on seeking new kinds of services in the pest control business. Training on technicians is excellent.

elmer villarino

Elmer Villarino

Pest Control Technician

I have been with Sandwich Isle for 8 years because it is a good work environment, it has a good reputation, and good workers.

Favorite quote: "Sandwich Isle Pest Solutions is simply the best."

homer wong

Homer Wong

Pest Control Technician

I started working with Sandwich Isle in September 2005. I am a member of the sentricon team and I enjoy meeting with my customers. In my spare time I enjoy spending time with my kids as they grow up so quickly.

darin shinjo

Darin Shinjo

Bed Bug Trainer
elijah mcshane

Elijah McShane

Pest Control Technician
michael dennis

Michael Dennis

Pest Control Trainer
paul lee

Paul Lee

Wildlife Technician
dominick blackman

Dominick Blackman

Pest Control Technician
brandon murray

Brandon Murray

Wildlife Technician
joshua carvalho

Joshua Carvalho

Pest Control Technician
preston cole yamaguchi

Preston Cole-Yamaguchi

Pest Control Technician
jason kamei

Jason Kamei

Pest Control Technician – MAUI
marquise garrison

Marquise Garrison

Pest Control Technician
christian koanui

Christian Koanui

Pest Control Technician
stuart llarinas jr

Stuart Llarinas, Jr.

Pest Control Technician
michael melendez

Michael Melendez

Pest Control Technician
jaeron nakasone

Jaeron Nakasone

Pest Control Technician

ArrowTermite Technicians

blake hamada

Blake Hamada

Borate Technician

I have over 40 years experience in the Termite business, including 7 years at Sandwich Isle.
I've worked with Michael for 18 years of these years.
I enjoy collecting cards in my free time.
Favorite quote: "Work Hard"

kale kwon

Kale Kwon

Termite Lead

Kale has been a team member since 2007.
Kale enjoys fishing and hiking.

allen conrad jr

Allen Conrad, Jr.

Universal Technician
matthew beach

Matthew Beach

Orange Oil Inspector/Technician
ramon silva

Ramon Silva

Service Call Technician

ArrowFumigation Technicians

samuelu finai

Samuelu Finai

Crew Leader

I have been in this field for eight years and a team member for eight years as well.
I enjoy spending time with my kids.
Favorite quote - "That's what she said"

kalani kiaaina

Kalani Kiaaina

Crew Leader

I have been in this field for eight years and a team member for four years.
I enjoy cooking.

tautai maposua

Tautai Maposua

Fumigation Crew Leader
nathan avilla

Nathan Avilla

Crew Leader
wise malentino-muasau

Wise Maletino-Muasau

Crew Leader
darryl medeiros

Darryl Medeiros

Crew Leader Trainee