Honolulu Drywood Termite Control

Drywood Termites: Not Your Typical Termites

With weather like ours, drywood termites thrive in Hawaii and unlike the more common subterranean termites that live and feed in soil, this type of wood-destroying insect will establish highly destructive colonies within dry, sound pieces of wood.  What’s worse?  It is common to find multiple drywood termite colonies within the same wooden structure.  At Sandwich Isle Pest Solutions, we realize that when drywood termites infest, they not only present a threat to your structure but to furniture, flooring, window trim, wooden picture frames, doors and door frames.  That is why we offer effective termite control options that are designed specifically for this pest, including:

Orange Oil Plus+

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Sandwich Isle's signature Orange Oil Plus+ drywood termite treatment is our preferred option for eliminating termites in your home or business. Orange Oil Plus+ is a pure substance derived from orange rinds which proven to eliminate termites in a safe and effective way. Tent fumigations can be costly since your household will be displaced for up to 3 days and the costs can build up with lodging and pet-boarding. Orange Oil Plus+ also proves it is the best option since it is:

  • Eco-Friendly

  • Pet Friendly

  • Hassle-Free

Learn about why our Orange Oil Plus+ treatment will work for termite control here

Tent Fumigation

At Sandwich Isle Pest Solutions, we also offer tent fumigation as a drywood termite treatment option. This is a 24 to 48 hour treatment process that includes:

  • Covering the structure with tarps: Once preparation has been completed, our professional fumigators will tent your structure with large tarps, get the interior ready and seal all tarps.
  • Releasing a warning agent: Once the tenting is complete, Chloropicrin, the warning agent, will be released inside. This helps ensure the home is vacated of people and pets prior to fumigation.
  • Lock down: All the doors will be secured with additional locking devices designed to prevent entry by anyone except by Sandwich Isle’s licensed fumigators.

Fumigation With Vikane

At Sandwich Isle, we introduce Vikane gas fumigant into the home. This fumigant is designed to penetrate deep into wood to eliminate drywood termites.

Aeration and Certification

When the fumigation is complete, we’ll aerate your home. Before our fumigators certify that the home is clear, they will use detection equipment to make sure the gas is gone.

After a fumigation treatment has been completed and the gas fumigant cleared, you can enter your home or business without worry. Unlike many competitive treatments, Vikane doesn’t remain inside after the treatment nor does it leave behind surface residual. While this method quickly resolves termite infestations and treats the whole structure, it does not provide future protection from termites after the tent is removed.

Chamber Fumigation

Homes and businesses are not the only structures that can have a termite infestation. Items such as antiques, furniture and other smaller wood products can attract drywood termites. At Sandwich Isle, we have an on-site fumigation chamber, in case you want a few items rid of termites. Often times, we can even build a small chamber on your property!

HomeGuard Inspection And Borate Treatment Program

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At Sandwich Isle Pest Solutions, we believe your home is your own and should be free of termites.  Unfortunately we also realize that without proper treatment,your home is susceptible to insect attacks.  That is why we are pleased to offer homeowners our HomeGuard Inspection and Borate Treatment Program.   Advantages of the HomeGuard Inspection And Borate Treatment Program include:

  • Very low mammalian toxicity and long term residual benefit of borate

  • Very little disruption to home occupants (In fact, they can be home while treatment occurs!)

  • Residual protection that lasts for the life of the wood

  • No heavy tarpaulins that may cause roof or landscape damage

  • No additional cost involved

  • Re-treatment can be completed with very little disruption if ever needed

  • Designed to solve pest problems naturally, this program utilizes sodium borate.  A natural mineral that has protected lumber from wood-destroying insects now provides even broader insect control and protects your home from pests such as beetles, cockroaches, carpenter ants, earwigs and silverfish. 


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