Feral Cat Control

Feral cats in Hawaii are more than a nuisance. Offspring of lost or abandoned pets, feral cats are a threat to native wildlife, may spread feline AIDS and leukemia to cats, and hang around residential neighborhoods as well as commercial areas. In most cases feral cats have never had human socialization and will react very different, sometimes aggressive, than a lost or stray one. If you have a feral cat problem around your home or business Sandwich Isle Pest Solutions can help.

How Our Feral Cat Control Works

When you partner with Sandwich Isle to get rid of feral cats, we’ll start off with a thorough inspection for the premises to identify the location of the animals and how many are hanging around. Based on our findings, we’ll design an effective, humane feral cat removal and transport the feral cats to an animal shelter. Our experienced wildlife division will also implement a humane feral cat-trapping plan and deliver the cats to an animal shelter. 

For more information on Sandwich Isle’s feral cat services, please contact us today.

Sandwich Isle offers feral cat control in Honolulu and all of Oahu as well as additional areas of Hawaii. To find out if we offer this program in your area, please contact us.