FumeGuard Program

Fumigation Monitoring and Intruder Deterrent and Detection 

Developed by Sandwich Isle Pest Solutions, FumeGuard is a fumigant monitoring and portable intrusion alarm system for monitoring the status of fumigation and for deterring and detecting intruders.

To assure every fumigation is 100% effective, Sandwich Isle has being monitoring fumigant dosage during the fumigation process for many years. Recently in Hawaii there have been an increasing number of reports of break inns during the fumigation process.

In response to this, we have identified a need to provide an effective deterrent and early warning alarm system to provide our clients with a greater peace of mind. This FumeGuard Program was custom designed to not only provide an effective deterrent and early warning alarm system, but also includes state of the art gas analyzing instrumentation to assure that every fumigation is 100% effective.

The combination of providing an effective break in deterrent, early warning alarm and gas analyzing system provides our clients with the peace of mind knowing that we are doing everything possible to keep their home safe and provide the most effective the fumigation solution available.

We partnered with a leading developer of portable alarm systems to offer our clients an effective, economical wireless system for use during the fumigation process. 

Key Features of the FumeGuard Program:

  • Fumiscope Gas Analysis to assure 100 % effective fumigation 

  • Remote Data Acquisition (RDA) Report available for additional $25 fee

  • Motion activated early warning alarm system

  • Located in a strategic area within the fumigated structure

Once alarm is triggered:         

  • Heat and motion is detected anywhere within 35 feet of unit

  • Automatic instant wireless transmission

  • Instantly contacts alarm dispatch and five supervisors cell phones/text

  • Safety Strobe light is activated 

  • 115 db Siren sounds 

  • No phone lines to cut

The FumeGuard Program will assure a 100% effective fumigation, but does not guarantee against criminal activity during the fumigation procedure. FumeGuard is primarily a fumigation monitoring system and crime deterrent, when used properly it should alert criminals to leave the property.

For more information on the FumeGuard Program offered exclusively by Sandwich Isle Pest Solutions, please contact us today!

Crime Prevention Tips During Fumigation:    

  • Hire on site security

  • Take valuables such as money, jewelry, credit cards, important documents, etc…, with you to a secure location.

  • Make arrangements to set your home alarm. Coordination will be required for systems with motion detectors and to adjust for windows that are required to be left cracked open during the process.

  • Contact your local law enforcement and request extra patrols of your property while you are away.

  • Contact your neighborhood watch or trusted neighbors and request extra vigilance in monitoring your property while you are away.

  • Drive by your property several times during the fumigation process, especially later in the evenings and early mornings. Notify the police of any unusual observations immediately.