Fumigation Services 

Tent Fumigation 

Living in Honolulu, or elsewhere in Hawaii, you know that tent fumigation is an everyday part of life. Trust your home with Sandwich Isle, where we do extensive background checks and drug testing on all of our employees. We can fumigate for almost any pest, including termites in hawaii, bed bugs, powder post beetles, stored product pests and even rodents.  Sandwich Isle is the single largest provider of tent fumigations in Hawaii.  We have more certified applicators specializing in fumigation than any other company in Hawaii and more than most companies on the mainland. At Sandwich Isle, we also have an on-site fumigation chamber, in case you just want a few items fumigated.  Often times, we can even build a small chamber on your property!

FumeGuard Program    

Our exclusive FumeGuard Program is a fumigant monitoring and portable intrusion alarm system for monitoring the status of fumigation and for deterring and detecting intruders.  To assure every fumigation is 100% effective, Sandwich Isle has been monitoring fumigant dosage during the fumigation process for many years. Recently, in Hawaii there have been an increasing number of reports of break ins during the fumigation process. To learn more, please visit our fumigation monitoring and intruder detection and deterrent program page.  

Preparing For A Fumigation

In order to keep food and other perishable goods protected during the fumigation process, items must be double bagged in special Nylofume® bags or be removed from the structure prior to fumigation.  Items include:

  • Any food, feed, drugs and medicinals in glass, plastic or metal bottles; jars or cans where the original manufacturer's airtight seal has been broken

  • Chips, pasta, bread, cereals, rice, cookies, crackers and other items packaged in plastic, paper or cardboard bags or boxes, even if they have never been opened

  • Beverages, snacks, sauces, drugs, medicinals or other items in metallic foil-lined containers such as pouches, boxes or blister packs

  • Anything in resealable containers, including plastic containers, such as milk, butter and sour cream

  • Eggs, fruits, vegetables and any other form of produce

  • Medicine, tobacco, vitamins and other ingestible pills, supplements and lozenges

  • Pet food and animal feed in bags and boxes

  • Ice cubes should be discarded and the icemaker turned off

Don't forget items in your refrigerators and freezers.  Any products not listed above that may require protection should be bagged or removed.  If you have any questions about what should be bagged, please don't hesitate to contact us.

What You Can Expect With A Tent Fumigation

After choosing a fumigation date with Sandwich Isle, you can expect us to call you the day before with the time frame in which our crew will arrive. Our crew leader will greet you the day of fumigation and check in with you to make sure you are properly prepared and your home is ready for fumigation.  After he is sure you are taken care of, our experienced crew will start the process of tenting your home.  We will prep your interior (including treating your attic with a long-lasting non-toxic insecticide), then put our own locks on all the doors for added security. Before shooting the gas, we will introduce a warning agent to keep people, animals and unwanted visitors from entering into the fumigation site. Then we introduce Vikane(c) gas: the most trusted name in fumigation - and calculate the exposure time the gas will need based on the temperature, wind, soil, tarps and seal.  When the tent is ready to come down, we will double check to make sure your home is secure while we aerate it. After the tents come down, we will do a one-time exterior pest control service at no additional charge.  This is because often after fumigation, people will experience an influx of ants.  We will prevent them from entering your home with a simple perimeter treatment  We will wait a minimum of 6 hours after the seal has been broken before "clearing" your home with a specialized device for measuring Sulfuryl Floride (the active ingredient in Vikane gas). This device measures gas levels down to one part per million.  We test the air in all living areas in your home; anywhere where you might sit, stand, or lie down- to make sure there is no trace left of the gas and your home is ready for you to return to it! Expect a phone call from our office with the time that you may return home; generally between 4 and 6 pm the next day.  

Commodity Fumigation

Sandwich Isle is aware of the need for commodity fumigation in the state of Hawaii, particularly for the farmers who have their product subject to quarantine.  We can provide fumigation to nearly any commodity with one of several types of fumigants, including Profume (Sulfuryl Floride), Methyl Bromide and Phosphine gas.  We routinely fumigate such items as corn, curry, coffee and even wooden pallets. We can fumigate your products at your property or ours, with our on-site fumigation chambers. 

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