Preparing For Tent Fumigation 

Sandwich Isle Pest Solutions, understands how important your home is to you and your family.  It is often your most valuable asset, which is why we are here to help you protect it from pests through the effective process of tent fumigation. Tent fumigation in HI is highly effective, but does require some preparation on the part of the property owner.  So here are a few preparation suggestions to help ensure the success of your fumigation and the safety and protection of your personal belongings.

Protecting Consumable Items

It is important to prepare any items that can be consumed such as food, animal feed, medications and tobacco products. 

  • Double-bag food all consumable items that have been previously opened; this means the manufacturer’s seal has NOT been broken. Double-bagging occurs in special Nylofume bags that are tightly sealed. These bags can be left in the home because Nylofume bags are special nylon polymer bags that protect consumable items during the fumigation of your home. If you have any questions as to what should be double-bagged, remove the items from the home before fumigation.

  • The only consumable items that you may leave in the home and that do not need to be doubled-bagged for safety are items that are stored in glass, plastic or metal bottles, jars or cans and STILL have the original manufacturer’s seal.

  • You should also store all corked wine bottles on their sides during your fumigation.

  • Also, you do not need to remove or seal up opened dental hygiene products that include toothpaste, mouthwash, dental adhesives and dental whitening products, cosmetics and any externally applied lotions and ointments.

A good rule of thumb, when in doubt, take it out. For more information on what to bag, please visit our resource page.

Preparing Personal Belongings For Effective Tent Fumigation

  • Remove or open all waterproof covers on mattresses, cribs, pillows or upholstered furniture.

  • Open all doors inside your property. This includes closet doors, dresser drawers, kitchen cabinets and appliance doors. 

  • Keep all drapes, curtains, blinds and shades  open. This allows our fumigation technician to have easy access to windows for the fumigation and aeration processes.

  • Turn off and unplug any sources of heat. This includes pilot lights. The fumigation gas we utilize is not flammable, but it’s important to be sure the gas supply is shut off at the meter for the house.

  • Remove pets and interior houseplants from your home.

The fumigation technician will need the keys to your home as well as other things you do not wish to leave unlocked such as cars, rooms, cabinets or safes. This is so that the fumigation technician can inspect them and aerate them according to the label requirements. 

Our professional fumigators will also double check to make sure that all food items are double-bagged and that everything is ready for fumigation.

Exterior Preparation Of Your Home

Along with preparing the interior of your home for tent fumigation in Hawaii, it is important to prepare the outside of your home as well by:

  • Remove or cut back any plants, trees or shrubs from the structure

  • Rake back gravel or mulch that is closer than 18 inches from the house

  • Move any outdoor furniture, toys, statues or other ornamental items away from your home

  • To protect the roots of the plants, shrubs and ground cover near your home, water these plants the day before the fumigation

Fumigation tenting needs to be placed around your house and any items too close to your home's exterior may interfere with the tenting process. Other items to consider maybe awnings, trellises or fences. Your professional fumigation technician will work with you to decide what can be done with these items.

Along with these preparation tips for an effective tent fumigation, Sandwich Isle now offers the FumeGuard Program. This program is a dosage monitoring and intruder deterrent and detection system designed for the recent outbreak of home invasions during tent fumigations in Hawaii. To learn more about tent fumigation or the FumeGuard program, please contact us today!