Fumigation Process  

Once you have decided that tent fumigation is the right choice for your home and a fumigation date has been scheduled, you can expect a call on the day before with the time frame in which our fumigation crew will arrive. After proper introductions on the day of your service, our crew leader will  check in to ensure you are properly prepared and your home is ready for fumigation. After he is sure your home and belongings are properly prepared for your fumigation, our team will start the process of tenting your home. We set up fans and shooting lines  as well as put our own locks on all the doors for added security or you can chose the peace of mind that comes with our exclusive FumeGuard fumigation monitoring and intruder detection system. Before any gas is administered, we will introduce a warning agent to keep people, animals, and unwanted visitors from entering into the fumigation site. 

When the fumigation is complete and the tent is ready to come down, we double check to make sure your home is secure during the aeration process.

We wait a minimum of 6 hours after the tent seal has been broken before we "all clear" your home with a specialized device for measuring Sulfuryl Floride, which is the active ingredient in Vikane gas. To ensure all living areas are safe in your home, we test the air as well as anywhere  you might sit, stand, or lie down. This is to be sure there is no trace left of the gas and it is ready for you to return home!  You will receive a call from one of our office personnel, telling you your home is safe to go home too.  This generally is between 4 and 6 pm the very next day.