How To Keep Pest Birds Out Of Your Business

The birds of Hawaii are beautiful, exotic, and part of the fona that makes our state one of the most popular places to vacation in the entire world. But, when birds get into places they shouldn't be, they can cause many issues. Birds congregate on wires and fill the air with unwanted noise. They get into machinery and damage mechanical equipment. Droppings left by birds can be corrosive and eat away at structures, statues, and walkways. They present a slipping hazard for customers and employees and often contain harmful bacteria or disease. Birds dig up landscapes, leave unsightly and contaminated roosts, and spread filth from trash heaps to outside eating areas or food prep tables. Some birds are even aggressive. These are only a few of the many problems birds can cause businesses here in Hawaii. That is why we've developed tools and strategies that proactively, and aggressively, work to deter and control pest birds.

pigeon near hawaii business

Bird Spikes

It may seem as if bird spikes are a pretty mean tactic to use on birds, but they aren't meant to stab birds when they land--though they can give them a little poke. Bird spikes act more like a scarecrow. Birds avoid them. These are perfect for rooflines, roof peaks, signs, ledges, rafters, and other popular perches.

Shock Tracks

If you have locations on your structure that birds like to congregate on, it can be frustrating. No matter how beautiful a bird sounds by itself, it can be annoying when you have several dozens join together in song. It is also startling when a large group of birds takes to the air all at once. We prevent this and other congregational problems through the use of shock tracks. When birds land, they get a little harmless jolt that lets them know that they should move on. Shock tracks are also low profile. If you're looking for a discreet solution, this is a good option.

Bird Wire

If you have birds that come to use your ledges as a roost, bird wire will let them know they're not welcome. This exclusion method creates an uneven surface that makes it difficult for birds to get a sure footing, and this makes them feel uncomfortable.

Bird Netting

When you have an area, or piece of machinery, you want to keep birds out of, bird netting is ideal. Keep birds out of outdoor food courts, protect crops, guard food staging areas, and stop birds from gaining access to your structure. There are few bird control products as versatile as bird netting. At a distance, netting is virtually invisible and, up close, it can be designed to look as if it is part of the architecture.


Some pest birds are a threat to native birds and require more than a plan of deterrence. For these, we can implement OvoControl. This product doesn't harm the birds. It is a form of birth control that keeps pest birds from growing their populations. It is also safe for humans, pets, and our native ecosystem.

Solar Panel Exclusion

We get a lot of sun in Hawaii. If you use that sun to create energy for your business, birds may try to use the space under your solar panels as harborage. Solar panel exclusions act as a fence that keeps birds from roosting in these desirable locations, and they don't alter the effectiveness of your solar system.

Humane Trapping

If you're struggling with peacocks, feral chickens, or ducks, trapping is a proactive solution that works quickly to resolve the problem. We use state-of-the-art trapping systems with live video feeds to spring traps remotely which safely removes those unwanted intruders.

When you need bird control you can trust that is custom tailored to meet your specific needs and budget, the bird control specialists here at Sandwich Isle Pest Solutions can help. Our technicians can evaluate your bird issues and recommend the control measures that will work best to address the bird pressures in and around your property. Reach out to us today for a fast resolution of issues, or ongoing protection from all bird threats. Sandwich Isle Pest Solutions serves Oahu and parts of Big Island.