Mongoose Control

image of a mongooseMongooses were originally introduced to Hawaii in an effort to reduce the rat population. Those measures didn’t really yield significant results. It didn’t help that mongooses were active during the day while rats were most active at night. Today, the mongoose is a major pest, one that preys native ground nesting birds. And, according to the Hawaii Invasive Species Council, mongoose cost an estimated $50 million in damages to the Hawaiian Island and Puerto Rico annually. If you have a mongoose problem around your home or business, Sandwich Isle’s wildlife control division is here to help.

How Our Mongoose Control Works

A Sandwich Isle wildlife control professional will inspect your property in order to determine the scope of your mongoose problem. After a thorough assessment of the location and number, a mongoose removal, transport and relocation program will be designed and executed. Our technician will also implement a trapping plan and deliver any mongoose to the Humane Society.

For more information on Sandwich Isle’s feral mongoose control services, please contact us today.

Sandwich Isle offers mongoose control in Honolulu and all of Oahu as well as additional areas of Hawaii. To find out if we offer this program in your area, please contact us.