Most Common Spiders In Hawaii

black widow spider hanging from its nest outside hawaii homeHawaii is known for its exotic wildlife, and spiders are no exception. We have an incredible collection of spiders here. But we're going to be focusing on the spiders that come in contact with residents, and give some practical advice for managing these pests. After all-we're a pest management company. It's what we do.

American House Spider

This is an important spider to discuss first. Although it does not have a venom that is medically important to humans, it has a name that bears some explanation. First of all, the American house spider is not only found in America, its distribution goes far beyond. Second, while some refer to the United States as America, it is not actually America. It is only one part of North, Central, and South America, of which, Hawaii is not technically a part. There is a lot of ocean between us and the border of California, which puts us outside of a reasonable range for American island mass. But that isn't really the point. The point is that we have American spiders. Lots of them. And there is a reason this spider species is also named the common house spider. It is common.
Fortunately, the American house spider isn't much of a threat. The most this spider is going to do is make a bunch of unsightly webs in your home and give you an insignificant bite when you come in contact with it.
Reducing these spiders in your home begins with reducing flying insects that are food for the tiny American house spider. It also helps to remove webs when you see them. This will discourage these little pests from building a web canopy up near your ceiling.

Garden Spider

When you're out in your garden, or anywhere in your yard where there is foliage or overgrowth, you're likely to find this spider lurking around. Garden spiders feed on creatures that feed on your plants. This can make them good to have around. But they have some drawbacks. They build significant webs, sometimes overnight, and they often hang out on these webs. It is never fun to walk through a web. But it is even less fun if there is a garden spider in it.
Garden spiders, also called orb weaver spiders, are usually black and yellow. They are known for making the round, intricate webs that are the muse of Halloween decoration makers. Often these spiders will be found hanging upside down in the center of these webs.
It is never fun to get bitten by a garden spider, but the venom from this spider is not going to cause too much of a problem for those who aren't allergic to it.
If you want to reduce garden spider populations, reducing moisture and vegetation in your yard will go a long way toward that end.

Brown Violin Spider

Cousin to the brown recluse, which is not considered to be distributed in Hawaii, this spider can be just as much of a threat. This spider isn't on our most common list because we don't see a lot of infestations of this spider, but more because this is a spider that will most commonly send people to the hospital. If you see a red blister-like wound, it is best to let a medical professional deal with your bite. The brown violin spider is known for causing necrosis in the tissue of a bite wound. Messing with these bites can make things worse.
You can avoid bites from this spider by taking care when turning things over in your yard or carrying wood, by shaking out your shoes and clothing before putting them on, and by closely examining the insides of a box that came out of storage before putting your hands into it.

Black and Brown Widows

This is another no-so-common spider that commonly sends people to the emergency room. If you see a hard-shelled spider that is brown to black in coloring with a red hourglass shape on the bottom of its abdomen, you should steer clear. Widow spiders aren't going to chase you to bite you. If you avoid them, they'll leave you alone.
If bitten by a widow spider, have it checked out immediately. These bites are not only painful, they can come with some very unpleasant symptoms.
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