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What are rodents?

The class of creatures called "rodents" refers to any animal whose incisor teeth continue to grow, so they must continually gnaw in order to keep them operative.  There are more than 2,200 different rodents. Together they make up more than 40% of all mammals.  In this group you will find: common house miceroof ratsNorway ratsPolynesian rats.   Of all species of rodents, mice and rats are a problem when they find their way into your home. They like to be near humans so that they have a ready supply of food. This has earned them the term "commensal," which means "to share one's table."

Why do I have them?

Mice and rats are particularly dependent on humans for survival.  They will gain entry into our homes or business through small cracks and holes in search for shelter, food and water.

Are they dangerous?

Rodents are known carriers of 35 diseases that humans are susceptible to including, Salmonellosis, leptospirosis and typhus.  Their droppings can contaminate our food supply and products.  They carry fleas and ticks, which can also infest your home and rodents can also do physical damage your home or business. They easily chew through some types of siding and other building materials. They are also known to chew on electrical lines, thereby increasing the possibility of fire. They damage other materials as well, creating holes and gnawing on numerous objects, especially food or food containers.

How do I get rid of rodents?

Removing mice, rats and other rodents from your property can be a difficult task due to their elusive nature and their ability to move very fast.  Rats are very intelligent and will learn to avoid any traps you may set.  A Sandwich Isle pest professional will design a customized integrated pest management program that fits the specific needs of your property, one that is sure to get rid of rodents.  Contact us today to learn more about the services available in your area.

Can I do it myself?

Proper sanitation will help reduce the conditions that may attract rodents into your home and there are do-it-yourself traps and poisons available to help you get rid of rodents, but they can be dangerous if used improperly.  Also, knowing exactly where to place do-it-yourself measures can be difficult, but Sandwich Isle professionals are extensively trained to locate the places where rodents like to hide.  

Is the treatment safe?

Sandwich Isle pest professionals use the least amount of material possible while still resolving your pest problem. We use natural products, baits and mechanical means of exclusion as a form of treatment whenever we can. When conventional pesticides are required, we follow very stringent guidelines for the use of the product so that it poses no threat to people, pets or plants.  All products are EPA registered and our service technicians will inform you of any specific safety measures that need to be taken prior to service.

How soon can you get here?

Sandwich Isle Pest Solutions is committed helping you as soon as possible. In most cases, we can respond the same or very next day.

What is the warranty?

If you are not satisfied with the results of Sandwich Isle's Pest Prevention Service, we will provide the necessary service at no additional charge.  After 30 days, should your pest problem persist, we will continue to provide service at no additional charge until you are satisfied, or we will refund half of your last regular service payment.

How can I prevent this in the future?

Many pest problems can be difficult to prevent so most of our customers choose continuous rodent control service to ensure mice and rats stay out of their home or business.

Where does Sandwich Isle service?

We provide service to Honolulu, Kailua, North Kona, and all of Oahu, as well as parts of Big Island.  Contact us online now for more information.

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