Feral Pig Control 

feral pig in hawaii
250 lb feral pig boar in a residential driveway on north shore of Oahu on ThanksGiving Day

Feral pigs in Hawaii inflict severe damage on native ecosystems by devouring the vegetation, trampling the undergrowth, compacting the soil, and uprooting the tender shoots of growing plants. Feral pigs rototill the soil in search of food and destroy the soil structure. Feral pigs routinely decimate once pristine stands of native forest and create places for standing water to collect, enabling mosquitoes to breed. Mosquitoes spread avian malaria and pox that kill rare and endangered native forest birds that can only be found in Hawaii. 

Many residential and commercial areas abutting forested areas, even in highly populated regions throughout Oahu, suffer significant feral pig damage to lawns and ornamental plantings, costing property owners thousands in damages.

Why Control Feral Pigs

Our Feral Pig Control Method

Our method of trapping allows us to capture entire sounder groups with the push of a button while onsite or viewing cellular pictures or live video from another location. Timers are set to broadcast feed every day at the exact same time. Cameras capture live video footage of hogs entering the trap enclosure until the entire sounder is conditioned to use the feeder as a daily food source. A human makes an educated decision to close the gate using this method. This approach is the most efficient feral pig trapping method and is effective for whole sounder removal in the shortest amount of time.

Why Consider Us For Feral Pig Removal

feral pig traps in hawaii
Wildlife Division trap with four piglets feeding inside, the gate is about to be closed.

Our commitment to provide the most efficient and effective feral hog control in Hawaii makes us the best choice for land owners, farmers, wildlife managers, businesses and any city, state or federal entity. Our trapping standard is 100% capture of the entire sounder group. We offer the most efficient and the most cost effective hog management programs needed to accomplish this task in order to successfully reduce agricultural and environmental damage of wild hogs.

  • Sandwich Isle Wildlife Division is the first private company to apply the feral hog trapping technologies developed by Jager Pro, who is the provider of the most efficient and effective hog control service in the USA. Jager Pro adapted and developed military-grade technology and methods to harvest 1,000+ feral hogs annually in the state of Georgia. Sandwich Isle Wildlife Division fabricates the Jager Pro M.I.N.E. Gate under license in Hawaii.

  • We are licensed and insured to perform this kind of work. Wildlife Management is something we really want to grow in our company, we have had limited opportunities aside from deer control on Molokai. Up until deciding to focus on the new corral traps and making use of the new remote technology we have struggled to find a solution that is as effective and economical as we, or our clients, would like.

  • Our large corral traps with patented JAGER PRO M.I.N.E. gate are the most effective feral hog traps in the USA. Our large corral traps are (35’ diameter) using six 16-56™ trap panels, an automatic feeder and an eight feet wide M.I.N.E.™ gate that is closed by a remote control device. This method of trapping allows us to capture entire sounder groups with the push of a button while onsite or viewing cellular pictures or live video from another location.

  • Sandwich Isle will work with DLNR to assure that we have fully compliant pig trapping and elimination program. We will apply for the necessary Wildlife Management Permits for the location and compile and submit catch reports.

Why our strategy is the best option:

  • Efficient – we spend the least amount of time, labor and fuel to accomplish 100% capture.

  • Effective – we spend the least amount of money to accomplish these same results. (which means savings to you)

  • Humane – we believe all creatures deserve to be managed in the most humane way possible

Along with effective trapping for hogs, our method is effective in helping property owners get rid of peacocks as well!