Rat Control

image of a rat in hawaiiAt Sandwich Isle, we believe in the three zone method of protecting your home, assets, business, and family from rodents and the damage and disease they bring.  

The first zone is the property perimeter or fence line.  This zone is often overlooked, but can be very impactful in a successful rodent management program.  This area generally borders the area rodents are or will come from.  This is your first line of defense.  Sandwich Isle's trusted rodent control professionals protect this zone using rodent bait stations that are placed every 25-50 ft.  If this zone is protected properly, it will highly decrease the likelihood that rodents will ever enter your home or business.  

The second zone is the area between the structure and the perimeter.  It generally includes trash collection areas, storage areas, vegetation or gardens.  We protect this zone again through the deployment of rodent bait stations, further decreasing the chance or rodents entering your dwelling or facility.  

The third and most common zone is the direct perimeter and exterior of the structure.  Rodent control specialists will exclude possible entry points so rodents don't have access into the structure.  It also includes the installation of rodent bait stations to monitor and discourage rodents from wanting to enter.  These stations are placed 25-50ft apart and at least one on every side of the structure.

If you're facing a rat problem in or around your home or facility, Sandwich Isle Pest Solutions is ready to help.  Contact us today for rat control in Honolulu, Oahu and parts of Big Island.