Bird Exclusion for Solar Panels

Protect Your Solar Panels from Pest Birds

Solar panels are being installed on commercial facilities and residential dwellings across the country at an unbelievable rate.  Solar panels, although a great energy alternative, provide the perfect harborage areas for pest birds and property owners across Hawaii are desperate for an effective solution.

Sandwich Isle Has Just The Solution!

Solar Panel

Our solar panel exclusion kit is an innovative system designed to specifically keep all birds from getting under solar panel arrays, protecting the roof, wiring and equipment from damage. Key features of solar panel exclusion from Sandwich Isle include:

  • One fast and easy installation (4 simple steps)

  • 100% effective

  • Non-penetrating system

  • Protects against all levels of pest bird pressures and against multiple species of birds

  • 12 month, renewable warranty with installation!

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If your home or commercial facility is being overrun with pigeons, sparrows or other pest birds in Hawaii,  for more information contact the Hawaii bird control specialists of Sandwich Isle today!