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At Sandwich Isle Pest Solutions, we offer comprehensive termite control for both ground termites and drywood termites on Big Island and Oahu.  If your home or business is infested, please select the termite type below to learn more.  Not sure what type of termite is a problem? Just give us a call (808) 518-3800or contact us online now.

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Drywood Termites

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"What is a Hawai`i resident's worst nightmare? Infestation of termites. Once you discover that you have termites, you not only have to worry about the damage they are doing to your home, you need to find the right company to fumigate.

We did not necessarily shop according to price, of course we took that into consideration, but we were very particular about who we chose for the job mainly based on integrity, honesty and a sense of reliability. We went with Sandwich Isle for the job and we have never regretted establishing that relationship.

Gil is our service rep and has been so for almost 10 years. Gil not only sprays for pests, he also inspects the property to make sure we have no visible evidence of termites. Sandwich Isle's Customer Service is A+."

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