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Ground Termite Control

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Protect your home for a full year for one low price!

What does Sentricon include?

  • Year round protection against ground termites
  • Biannaul inspections by certified technicians
  • On-call service against live infestations
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Providing protection 24/7, the new Sentricon® Colony Elimination System with Always Active technology is a discreet way to protect your home from termites and does not require any drilling, digging, trenching, or chemical injection in or around your home.  At Sandwich Isle Pest Solutions, we are authorized operators of the Sentricon® System, which uses bait stations strategically placed around your property in order to kill existing termite colonies and prevent new ones from developing.

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Termite Control

Termites Are Always Feeding...
And It Could Be On Your Home Or Business

image of a termite found in hawaiiWhen you look at the facts about termite, it's scary. These pests are always active, feeding on rotting wood, leafs, other wood debris AND buildings 24/7/365. Because they work around the clock, it's no surprise that the National Pest Management Association estimates termite damage repair costs in the U.S. exceed 5 billion dollars every year. Unfortunately, Hawaii is considered a heavy termite infestation zone and home to both ground termites and drywood termites.  

Every home and business is a potential target for termites. At Sandwich Isle we understand the threat and we have the solution. If you are concerned that your property is under attack, we're here to help.

Ground Termite Control

It's possible for a ground termite infestation to be present in your home or business for years before you realize it. That's because these wood destroying pests are silent destroyers, eating away at the structure from the inside out. Click here to learn more about Sandwich Isle's ground termite control and how we can help you eliminate these insects.  

Drywood Termite Control

Drywood termites are different than ground termites but just as destructive. Because drywood termites don't require soil contact like ground termites, they are more free to attack more than the timbers and building materials of the structure. Furniture, fences, really anything made from wood is fair game for these pests. Sandwich Isle's preferred drywood termite treatment option is tent fumigation.  

Pest & Termite Control 

Two necessary services, one simple, affordable bundle! Sandwich Isle's Premier Pest Complete offers the most comprehensive protection for homes. Designed for the pests in Hawaii, our pest control and termite control program targets ants, roaches and other common household pests as well as termites.  Learn more now!

*First year cost for installation and bi-annual monitoring is $499, renewable yearly for $250 for homes under 400 linear feet.