Thought to be a pest of the past, bed bugs have returned to the Hawaiian Islands in full force. While small in size, these creepy crawlers are notorious for delivering bites to their victims in the middle of the night. Hiding in mattresses, bed frames and more, bed bugs are hard to find and even harder to control.

In the heavily traveled island of Oahu, bed bugs continue to infiltrate dormitories, hotels, medical facilities, apartments and single-family homes. Sandwich Isle Pest Solutions offers in-depth solutions to exterminate bed bugs in Hawaii.

Bed Bugs in Hawaii

In recent years, Hawaii has become a hotbed for bed bugs, with Honolulu being ranked as one of the top 50 most infested cities in the United States.1 Their elusive nature, resistance to common pesticides and ability to hitchhike in the bags of tourists that visit our islands have allowed their population to boom.

Characteristics of bed bugs:

  • Measure less than 5mm in size
  • Have a flat, oval-shaped body
  • Resemble ticks or tiny cockroaches
  • Feed on human blood through exposed skin
  • May leave itchy red bites

Professional Bed Bug Treatment

Bed bug infestations can cause pain, emotional stress and lingering fear. The mere thought of blood-sucking insects inside your bed is enough to rob anyone of a good night’s sleep. Sandwich Isle Pest Solutions utilizes the latest knowledge, training and tools to eradicate bed bugs and help restore our customers’ peace of mind. 

Using specialized vacuums, steamers and products, our team of certified technicians implements signature techniques based on years of research, findings and insights from industry authority figures.

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