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The sound of birds chirping provides a calm and tranquil soundtrack throughout the Hawaii Islands but unfortunately, many bird species can cause home and business owners stress rather than relaxation. The many types of birds local to Hawaii, from pigeons to mynah birds, can bring serious health threats and are also known to cause damage to commercial and home properties. Thankfully, Sandwich Isle Pest Solutions offers professional bird control services and bird netting solutions in Oahu!

Many bird species can bring along with them a threat to the health of you and your loved ones by carrying bugs, diseases, and parasites. Small mites and other environmental particles can be the cause of dermatitis and asthma. Their messy droppings could carry disease and bacteria, creating a large sanitation issue.

Birds also can cause destruction to property, vegetation, and building structures. Most commonly, birds will eat and destroy certain types of fish and crops like vegetables, fruits, and flower buds, potentially costing thousands of dollars in lost goods. Damage is also common among landscaping, ponds, and water features.

Another typical cause of damage to buildings and structures is through their nest building. Birds look for safe and secure places to build their nests. These spots can include the nooks of your home structure like ledges, gutters, window sills, roofing shingles, and eaves. Nest removal and repair of the damaged materials can be costly and time-consuming.

With all the potential damage a bird infestation can cause, it’s important for home or business owners to have a solution for keeping birds away. While there are a few options available, bird netting is a preferred method to keep the integrity of your property or structure. Bird netting is a method where netting is secured to prevent birds from entering certain areas.

Sandwich Isle offers a specialized bird netting solution to minimize damage and stress and bring back peace of mind to the residents of Hawaii. Our experts install the netting material which acts as a physical barrier that blocks birds from coming onto your home, products, crops, and other belongings you want to protect. Not only does it protect your home from the potential costly damage but offers a humane control solution.

Bird Netting

Bird Species

All birds

Where to Use

Roofs, warehouses, loading docks, airplane hangars, and other enclosures

Bird Pressure

Light to Heavy


UV-stabilized knotted polyethylene net. Flame-resistant, rot-proof, non-conductive, andstable in sub-zero temperatures


Six strands of Polyethylene UV-treated twine. Each strand is 12/100” thick. The filaments are twisted and knotted for ultimate strength and longevity. Pressure stretched and tightened

Burst Strength

SO 1806 and 9001 Protocol test in excess of 40 lbs. burst/break strength per twisted strand

Thermal Properties

High Temp: Melting point in excess of 270° F; Low Temp: Stable to -250° F

Electrical Properties



Black 10-years, Stone/White 3-years from manufacturer’s defects and
defects caused by U.V. breakdown

Bird Net 2000™ professional grade Bird Netting can be installed in commercial, industrial, and residential areas including:

  • Airplane hangars
  • Loading docks
  • Warehouses
  • Courtyards
  • Eaves
  • Canopies
  • Signs
  • Garages
  • Rooftops
  • Factories
  • Bridges