Professional Pest Control Services in Pearl City HI

Around the world, Hawaii is known for its beautiful beaches, incredible wildlife, and amazing weather. However, this environment is ideally suited for hundreds of insects, and locals are left to deal with the ongoing stress of pests invading our property. Fleas and mosquitoes are just a couple of the pests that can relentlessly invade homes and businesses throughout the state.

Sandwich Isle Pest Solutions strives to create a pest-free, stress-free environment for the communities we serve. Our signature multistep insect control solution has proven to help our neighbors control their pest problems and better protect their property.

Flea Control

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There are many flea species that are common to the Hawaiian islands, some more harmful than others. Typically, fleas are carried into homes on dogs, cats, and other household pets. Having fleas in your home can create an uncomfortable environment and can even threaten the health and safety of your loved ones. Fleas bites are itchy and can cause painful infections or rashes and spread many disease-causing bacteria.

Fleas are most active during hot summer days but can be a year-round problem especially in warmer climates like Hawaii. Pets that keep licking, scratchy, and biting at their fur, or red itchy spots on you or your pets might be a sign of an infestation.

Because of their small size, fleas are able to hide very easily in carpets, hair, and fur. This, and their rapid reproduction rate make it very difficult to get rid of a flea infestation once it starts. There are many over-the-counter and do-it-yourself flea control solutions, and while some might help to protect your pets, many are not effective in removing the infestation entirely.

If you have or suspect a flea infestation in your home, trust our experienced technicians for flea control services. One of our pest professionals will complete a home inspection to diagnose the type and severity of the infestation. Then, we will create a flea control plan to quickly and effectively eliminate fleas from your home.

Mosquito Control

With the warm weather and higher humidity, mosquitoes are a part of Hawaiian life and are found on every island. Most active during the mornings and evenings, a mosquito’s presence alone is enough to cause pain and frustration for locals and tourists alike.

Mosquitos can put a serious damper on outdoor activities. Known for their itchy bites, mosquitos are more than a nuisance, they are also known carriers of dangerous diseases, like Malaria, Zika virus, West Nile virus.

Standing water, such as a pool, flower pot, or clogged gutter provides mosquitoes an ideal place to lay their eggs. Without mosquito control, standing water on your property can allow an infestation to form, almost overnight.

There are many DIY mosquito control products on the market such as candles, sprays, bracelets, and oils, which may temporarily repel mosquitoes but are not successful long term and do not eliminate the current mosquitos on your property.

Professional Pest Control Services in Pearl City HI

Restore peace to your outside spaces and protect your loved ones and their time outdoors with a mosquito control plan from our expert technicians at Sandwich Isle Pest Solutions. For more than 20 years, we’ve helped alleviate Hawaii residents of the mosquitos on their property. Call us today for a custom mosquito control treatment and prevention plan.

Professional Pest Control Services in Pearl City HI

Contacting Professionals

Trust the experts at Sandwich Isle Pest Solutions for mosquito and flea control services. We’re proud of our QualityPro certified status, which means we are recognized for our dedication to going above and beyond the minimum requirements of state and federal licensing. 

Mosquito & Flea Control Professional Pest Control Services in Pearl City HI

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