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Rodents in Hawaii

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From disease to destruction, Hawaii’s rodent problem continues to impact home and business owners across the state. Finding refuge inside attics, walls, and storage spaces, rats and mice cause problems by gnawing on electrical wires, chewing through wood, and scavenging food.

Aside from causing property damage, rats in Hawaii can carry pathogens that can cause more than 40 harmful human diseases including murine typhus, salmonella, and rat lungworm disease. Their droppings alone can trigger allergies and cause reactions. If you suspect a rat infestation in or around your property, it’s critical to act fast and call a professional pest control service for closer inspection and a rodent control plan.

Rat Species in Hawaii

Professional Pest Control Services in Pearl City HI

Norway Rat

Most commonly found in urban areas, the Norway rat is known by many names, including the brown rat, street rat, and sewer rat. This species is the largest in Hawaii, measuring up to 10 inches in body length, with a tail of about the same length. Norway rats can often be found burrowing in the ground, sewers, trash piles, and garbage dumps.

Roof Rat

Roof rats, or black rats, are considered the biggest threat to Hawaii homes and businesses due to their behavior and climbing abilities. This critter has a body roughly seven inches long, with a tail slightly longer than its body. Eating primarily fruits, the roof rat can be found everywhere from homes to areas of dense vegetation.

Professional Pest Control Services in Pearl City HI
Professional Pest Control Services in Pearl City HI

Polynesian Rat

The smallest of all rat species in Hawaii, the Polynesian rat measures roughly five inches long and weighs only 2-3 ounces. Known as a field rat, this species will rarely be found close to Hawaiian homes and offices. Instead, the Polynesian rat would rather make its nest in rock piles, gulches, wastelands, and embankments.

Sandwich Isle Rodent Control

For over 20 years, Sandwich Isle Pest Solutions has been the go-to company for Hawaii rodent control. We provide industry knowledge and proven rodent control solutions to help our neighbors throughout the Hawaiian Islands protect their property from rats and other rodents found across the state.

Our technicians have experience dealing with a wide range of rodent infestations and understand what it takes to help create a pest-free environment for our customers. By combining proven rodent removal techniques with the latest technology, we’re able to implement effective solutions that work for the long term.

Professional Pest Control Services in Pearl City HI

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Our Rodent Treatment Process

At Sandwich Isle Pest Solutions, we have created a proven multi-zone method to eliminate rat infestations from your property and help prevent future outbreaks.

Zone 1: Perimeter Protection. The first, and most overlooked, step when fending off rodents is to create a line of defense. Our team will place rodent bait stations around your property to reduce the rodent population in the area.

Zone 2: Habitat Management. Next, our team will evaluate your property and identify potential areas where rats may be nesting. These areas typically consist of trash collection areas, storage bins, vegetation, and gardens. We will proceed to place further bait stations in these locations to clear out possible hiding spots.

Zone 3: Entry Exclusion. Finally, after careful inspection of your property, our technicians will identify and exclude all accessible rodent entry points. Bait stations may also be placed in these areas to prevent rats from returning to their familiar routes.

Professional Pest Control Services in Pearl City HI

For rats inside your home, our trained technicians will deploy a customized removal approach to eliminate the invaders and reclaim your property.

If you’re facing a rat problem in or around your home or facility, Sandwich Isle Pest Solutions is ready to help. Contact us today for industry-leading rat control services in Hawaii.

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