Serving Hawaii Businesses Since 1997

Sandwich Isle Pest Solutions provides industry-leading commercial pest control services to businesses throughout Hawaii. From warehouses to restaurants, our experienced technicians help business owners protect their employees, property and reputation through our signature Integrated Pest Management process.

Our Process

We help protect Hawaii businesses against harmful peststermites and wildlife by combining our 20+ years of experience with the industry’s latest technology. We work closely with our commercial customers to develop a plan that eliminates their problem without disrupting their daily operations. 

At Sandwich Isle Pest Solutions, we pride ourselves on customer satisfaction and understand the importance of a pest-free workplace. By using an integrated pest management approach, we’re able to maximize results while minimizing the impact on your facility.

Auditing Services Preparation

To meet industry standards, some businesses are subject to third-party audits. These audits are often comprehensive and involve multiple rounds of inspection. Sandwich Isle Pest Solutions has experience preparing businesses for their audit.

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